The Croatian coast provides you with over 50 marinas from where you can start your sailing week.
Explore Greek islands and mythical ancient history of Greece as once Odyssey did.
Italy with its long Mediterranean coastline, has left a powerful mark on contemporary culture.

Our favourites routes

Ultra route
Split - Vis - Split
Marco Polo route
Split - Korčula - Split
Game of Thrones Route
Dubrovnik - Lumbarda - Dubrovnik

Need an extra comfort

Are you a first time sailor?
Take one of our in-house, professionaly trained skippers. Get involved and learn the ropes, or sit back whilst they sail you to your next destination.
Would you like extra comfort?
Take break from the cooking and washing up whilst you are on holiday. Relax and let your hostess shop, cook and clean for you.

Our yachts

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