AP-eh? Explaining APA


In this article, we demystify the mnemonic APA (advance provisioning allowance). Read on to find out why you need to budget for it, what it includes and how much you are likely to need.

Budget for 20-25% APA

As you set out on your sailing holiday you should be aware that you will incur additional costs along the way. This is no different to what happens if you take a holiday on land. Where, for example, you would need to allow for car hire, fuel, and food costs. However, it is perhaps simpler to gauge the extra costs on land as they are more easily anticipated.

The APA helps you to budget for the extra expenses while on board, so there are no nasty surprises. Experience suggests that the APA will be around 20-25% of your charter fee. Below is a list of the outgoings incurred while afloat. The key to this is that it is an estimate, so if you know that you are likely to be heavy spenders (perhaps with a higher than average thirst?) you may want to add a bit more of a cushion! If you don’t end up spending it all then great, but it is better to be prepared:

Who holds on to the APA?

With regular charters, this is completely up to you. Guests often manage the APA themselves, however, our skippers are happy to do this for you if you would rather. The benefit of asking the skipper or hostess to manage your APA is that you can head off exploring as soon as you dock in each location, rather than having to concern yourself with paperwork.

While you have the choice whether to manage the APA yourself on regular yacht charters, for crewed charters it is paid up front to the captain. All expenditure is transparent and passed on at cost. Itemized receipts will be provided at the end of the charter at which point any remaining funds will be returned.

What if the APA runs out?

As with any budget, if your costs run over, you will have to top it up. Based on our experience, the 20-25% estimate is pretty accurate. If the skipper/captain is managing your finances they will be able to advise you if it looks like you are going to run low.

If you know that you tend to consume more food and drink than average, give yourself a bit of slack. No one wants to run out of gin before the sailing week is over…. that is just not funny!

Further information

Advice from the MYBA on APA for crewed charters.

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