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Post COVID Travel

What will post COVID travel look like? Holiday-makers are going to encounter a different landscape when they emerge from lockdown. There will rightly be caution about traveling after COVID and potentially reigniting the pandemic before a vaccine is available. Based on previous outbreaks, tourism is unlikely to [...]

Yacht Charter Broker

How yacht charter brokers help to plan your perfect holiday There is little doubt that chartering a yacht in Croatia is the perfect luxury holiday. But if you have never chartered a yacht before the whole process can frankly be a little daunting to say the least! [...]

Now Pay with Crypto!

The Yacht Break is accepting crypto payments In this article we will explain why we have added the ability to pay for your sailing holiday with cryptocurrency. We will explain what cryptocurrency is, why it might be a great idea for you to pay with crypto, and [...]

26 Sports Events in Croatia

Active Tourism in Croatia We have compiled a calendar of all the key sports events in Croatia happening in 2020. Let us know if you are hosting an event that you would like adding, or if you know of any others! Nature's Playground Croatia is nature's playground. [...]

Cultural Events in Croatia

Cultural Events in Croatia Summer 2020 promises to be full of cultural events in Croatia, with plenty of performances hosted by the towns and cities across Dalmatia. We have searched the internet in order to compile a list of some of the highlights the region has to [...]

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