Keep it clean!

How can you enjoy sailing in the beautiful paradise of the Dalmatian coast ethically, in a green and friendly way? Globally, the oceans and seas are under threat due to human activities; marine life is being damaged and the coastline awash with litter. Even the relatively clean [...]

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Preliminary provisioning

A provisioning list for your sailing trip is fundamental. Unless you have booked a hostess, you will need a mission to the supermarket at the base marina before you sail to stock up for your trip. It is worth having an idea about what to get before [...]

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Honeymoon in Croatia

When you strolling along the seafront, do you cast your eyes over the yachts picking out your favorite? Do you look longingly at the boats for sale in the shop windows, fantasizing about which you would have? Perhaps you tried to state your desire with day trips [...]

Honeymoon in Croatia2020-01-28T22:39:48+00:00
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