Kornati National Park

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Project Description

There are two parts to the Kornati Archipelago, those islands that come under the protection of the Kornati National Park, and the wider Kornati islands.

The Kornati National Park

The Kornati National Park is a wonderful collection of 89 islands, islets and reefs, stretching over 216km². The area was declared a National Park in the 1980s and has blossomed under the protection it affords. Nearly all of the islands are privately owned by residents of the nearby Murter island and so visitors should be respectful. Make sure that when exploring the islands you stick to the designated hiking routes. Swimming and snorkeling is allowed but diving must be accompanied by a guide and pre-arranged.

Entrance to the National Park

The only way to gain access to the National Park is by sailing there on your own private yacht or via a private organized tour boat. There are no public transport routes. Sailors are required to purchase an entrance ticket and there are a limited number of islands and bays that you are allowed to overnight in. Ticket prices depend on the length of the yacht and are available to purchase either online or once inside the park. Note that tickets purchased prior to entry are available at a reduced price.

The rest of the Kornati Islands

If you spread the net beyond the boundaries of the National Park, the entire Kornati Archipelago is home to 150 islands over an area of 320km². So although you may have to pay for a ticket to visit the Kornati National Park, you are likely to be able to limit this to a one night stay. You can choose to moor outside the park when staying longer, for example in ACI Marina Žut. Along with the Kornati islands, the islands of Dugi Otok, Pašman, Murter and Vrgada, make this area of the Dalmatian coast an amazing place to visit.

Quick Facts


  • Location: Croatia, Europe

  • Language: Croatian

  • Population: no permanent settlements

  • Time zone:
    Winter – UTC+1
    Summer – UTC+2
  • Currency: Croatian Kuna (HRK)
    1 EUR = 7,5 HRK
    1 USD = 5,9 HRK

  • Phone n. in case of Emergency: 112

Supervised Dive Sites

  • Kornat (Opat – Tanka Prisliga)

  • Samograd

  • Oključ

  • Mala Panitula

  • Vela Panitula

  • Rašip

  • Kasela

  • Mana

  • Borovnik

View points

  • Kornat

    • SE of Konoba Opat (90m)
    • NW of Uvala Koromačna (70m)
    • W of Stiniva (70m ridge)
    • N of Vrulje (200m)
    • S of Statival (80m)
  • Vela Smokvica (80m)

  • Otok Škulj (100m)

  • Lavsa (40m)

  • Piškera (40m)

  • Mana (20m)

  • Levrnaka (40m)

Travel info

  • Sailing yacht/Catamaran


  • Church of Our Lady of Tarac (6th Century)

  • Fort Tureta (6th Century)

Spend a day or two of your Sailing Holidays in the Kornati islands

Anchoring and docking within the Kornati National Park

You are allowed to sail anywhere in the Kornati National Park apart from four strict control zones. However, there are only certain bays and coves that you may anchor and over night in:

  • Kornat – Stiniva, Statival, Lupeška, Suha punta (Tomasovac), Šipnate, Lučica, Kravljačica, Strižnja, Vruje, Gujak, Podbižanj, Koromačna and Opat
  • Vela Smokvica
  • Ravni Žakan
  • Lavsa
  • Piškera (ACI Marina Piškera, Vela Panitula)
  • Levrnaka (Anica)

Marina info:

  • Name: ACI Marina Piškera

  • Address: Obala sv. Ivana 47 E
    22242 Jezera, Croatia

  • VHF Channel: 17
    Tel: +385( 0)91 470 0091

  • 118 berths

  • Email: m.piskera@aci-club.hr

Other options outside the Kornati National Park

ACI Marina Žut provides a good nearby alternative to overnighting inside the Kornati National Park. There are several restaurants as well as a small shop and ATM. It is worth noting though, that the shop is quite expensive. If you can hang on until you get to Murter, you will get better value there.

There is also the Telašćica Nature Park at the southern end of Dugi Otok. However, this park also requires a ticket for overnight stays. You can purchase a combined ticket for both Telašćica and Kornati online.

Marina info:

  • Name: ACI Marina Žut

  • Address: Obala sv. Ivana 47 E
    22242 Jezera, Croatia

  • VHF Channel: 17
    Fax: +385 (0)22 786 0279

  • 120 berths

    15 buoys

  • Email: m.zut@aci-club.hr

  • Website: ACI Marina Žut

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