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Krka is one of the must see places on the Dalmatian coast. This awe-inspiring National Park is packed full of amazing waterfalls and natural wonders. There are seven distinct travertine waterfalls within the park so there is enough here to keep you busy exploring for several days!

Skradinski Buk

As a minimum you should go for half a day to visit the 17 steps of the Skradinski Buk falls, which occur over an 800m section of the river. Go early, ideally on the first ferry from Skradin (8am); there are hourly morning departures into the park during the high season. Your ticket includes a lovely cruise upstream to Skradinski Buk. When you disembark you will be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the falls. Alternatively, you can hire a bike and enjoy a 4km ride up through the trees.

There is a great walk up one side of the series of falls, with brilliant photo opportunities. Then, at the top, an interesting museum explains the history of the hydroelectric dams. The walk takes you across the river along boardwalks, an experience that feels like you are in tropical rain forests. Every pool is teeming with fish and there is an abundance of flora and fauna.

As you descend back down the other side, you can ‘shower’ under a waterfall before swimming in the designated pool leading up to the lower fall. It is a fantastic experience providing welcome refreshment after the walk. As the day develops, crowds of tourists overwhelm the area, a sign that it is time to take the ferry back.

This is just the tip of the iceberg that is the Krka National Park. Deeper excursions involve a 3.5hr trip further upstream to Roški Slap, including a 30 minute stop on Visovac. This tiny little islet is home to a Franciscan monastery which is the embodiment of Croatian culture.


After visiting the waterfalls, you can enjoy the culture of Skradin. This is a small town with a huge history. It has previously been the capital of the Roman province of Liburnia, the center of the early Christian diocese and even the capital of Croatia and Bosnia.

Take a walk up to the medieval fortress of Turina on the hill for spectacular views over Skradin and the river Krka. It was constructed during the government of the Croatian governor Pavao Subic (1273 – 1312).

In the nearby hills you can find the Croatian version of ‘Troy’, Bribirska Glavica. These ruins represent over 2000 years of occupation, from as far back as the Iron Age; there are Illyrian, Roman, Medieval Croatian and Venetian ruins. It commands a dominant hilltop position, therefore you can see for miles around.

Quick Facts


  • Location: Croatia, Europe

  • Language: Croatian

  • Population: 3.800 (2011)

  • Time zone:
    Winter – UTC+1
    Summer – UTC+2
  • Currency: Croatian Kuna (HRK)
    1 EUR = 7,5 HRK
    1 USD = 5,9 HRK

  • Phone n. in case of Emergency: 112


  • Franciscan Monastery of Our Lady of Mercy (Visovac)

  • Church of Our Lady of Visovac

  • The Krka Monastery (Kistanje)

  • St. Nicolas Church (Skradinski Buk)

  • Medieval fortress of Turina (Skradin)

  • Bribirska Glavica (15km from Skradin)


  • Krka National Park

  • Skradinski Buk

  • Roški slap

  • The Stinice – Roški slap – Oziđana pećina hiking trail (8.5km)

  • Vodenice water mills (Skradinski Buk)

  • Skradin beach

Travel info

  • Sailing yacht/Catamaran (moor your boat in Marina ACI Skradin)

  • Ferry/boat (there is a passenger ferry from Skradin to Skradinski Buk)

  • Bus (Skradin bus station)

  • Car (3hr from Zagreb, pay toll)

Spend a day of your Sailing Holidays in Krka

Marina ACI Skradin

Skradin is a delightful old town nestled between the hills in the mouth of the river Krka. The ACI marina is perfectly placed to get you on the first boat upstream to see the falls before the crowds set in.

Routes that include Skradin

A stopover in Skradin to visit the Krka National Park can be in integrated into routes emanating from Šibenik and Zadar. Your skipper will navigate upstream along a dramatic route that takes you through the Šibenik Channel, along the Krka river and Prokljan Strait.

Marina info:

  • Address: Obala bana Pavla Šubića 18, 22222 Skradin , Croatia

  • VHF Channel: 17
    Tel: +385 (0)22 771-365
    Fax: +385 (0)22 771-163

  • 180 berths

  • Email:

  • Website: ACI Skradin

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