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The 46 islands around Lastovo form an archipelago that is one of Croatia’s beautiful Nature parks. Like Vis to the northwest, the island of Lastovo was only recently opened to the public. It used to be a military base, therefore it has a relatively unspoiled charm.

There is a mass of marine life, ancient wrecks and natural wonders. This means Lastovo Nature park is a paradise for SCUBA divers. As a result of strict controls within the park, you must be accompanied by registered guides when diving. One of the dive schools is located in Zaclopatica bay. Sites include an underwater passage through the island, underwater caves, and vast 80m deep walls. On the northwest coastline you can investigate an old submarine tunnel built during Tito’s reign.

The island is criss-crossed with bike and hiking trails where there are plenty of rare and endangered species to be found. Visit the hilltop town of Lastovo to see a series of old Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque homes. The town is known for it’s unique chimney stacks. The nearby summit has far-reaching views across the archipelago to Korčula, so is worth a hike up.

Quick Facts


  • Location: Croatia, Europe

  • Language: Croatian

  • Population: 790

  • Time zone:
    Winter – UTC+1
    Summer – UTC+2
  • Currency: Croatian Kuna (HRK)
    1 EUR = 7,5 HRK
    1 USD = 5,9 HRK

  • Phone n. in case of Emergency: 112


  • St. Kuzma & Damjan church (14th century )

  • St. Lukes church, Ubli (11th century)

  • St. Mary of the Fields church (15th century)


  • Lastovo nature park

  • Lastovo (hill top town)

  • Fumari, Lastovo chimneys

  • SCUBA diving (islets Bijelac/Tajan & cape Struga)

  • Submarine tunnel

  • Saplun (sandy beach)

  • Lastovo carnival (folk costume festival)

Travel info

  • Sailing yacht/Catamaran (moor your boat in Zaclopatica bay)

  • Ferry (from Split/Korčula/Dubrovnik)

  • Car (ferry boat from Ubli)

Spend a day of your Sailing Holidays in Lastovo Nature Park

Zaklopatica bay

Moor your yacht in this beautiful sheltered bay so you can eat at Augusta Insula. The restaurant allows their customers to dock for free, and even supplies electricity and water. They serve exquisitely fresh, local seafood and come highly recommended. This bay is also home to the island’s dive center.

Routes that include Lastovo

Visit Lastovo as part of a week-long round trip sailing route starting from Dubrovnik.

Mooring info:

  • Address: Zaklopatica 21, Lastovo

  • Tel: +385 (0)98 751-8484

  • 30 berths

  • Email:

  • Website: Augusta Insula

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