Mljet island


Project Description

Legend says Odysseus was shipwrecked on this island and he remained there, a captive of the nymph called Calypso, for 7 years. Experience the natural beauty of Mljet National Park where you can cycle, walk and kayak around the two famous saltwater lakes. The water temperature is higher than the sea, which is great when visiting early in the season. On one of the lakes (Veliko Jezero) floats the tiny island of Sveta Marija with it’s 12th-century Benedictine monastery, that you can visit on a local ferry. Make sure to bring your snorkeling gear as there is an abundance of sea life in the protected waters.

Mljet is one of Croatia’s greenest islands, covered in Mediterranean vegetation, and surrounded by crystal clear waters with a beautiful shoreline. On the east of the island is the bay of Šaplunara with three sandy beaches. The sea around Mjlet is rich in marine life with plenty of exploring opportunities, try snorkeling in Odisej (Odysseus) Cave on the southern coast.

There is a diving center in the Mljet National Park that can facilitate diving in this area. As well as the coral reefs, caves and walls in the seas, it is possible to dive in the two inland salt lakes.

Quick Facts


  • Location: Croatia, Europe

  • Language: Croatian

  • Population: 1.080

  • Time zone:
    Winter – UTC+1
    Summer – UTC+2
  • Currency: Croatian Kuna (HRK)
    1 EUR = 7,5 HRK
    1 USD = 5,9 HRK

  • Phone n. in case of Emergency: 112


  • Mljet National Park

  • St. Mary Island

  • Roman Palace (circa 5th century)

  • Benedictine Monastery (12th century)


  • Odysseus Cave

  • Šaplunara (sandy beach)

  • Inland Salt Lakes (SCUBA diving and snorkeling)

  • Pomena & Polače bay (village from which you can access the park)

Travel info

  • Sailing yacht/Catamaran (moor your boat in Pomena or Polače bay)

  • Ferry (from Split/Korčula/Dubrovnik)

  • Car (ferry boat from Pelješac Peninsula)

Spend a day of your Sailing Holidays in Mljet National Park

Polače Bay

There are two mooring options in this bay, either drop the anchor, or take a spot in front of your chosen restaurant. Locals do not charge mooring fees if you dine at their restaurant and some even provide water and electricity.

We recommend calling Antika or Calypso restaurants to make a reservation for your yacht, no later than 9am the same day. Note that even if you drop the anchor, you will need to pay a National Park ticket for your yacht. Enjoy the beauty of pure nature and explore the hidden corners with a rented bicycle.

Routes that include Mljet

Mjlet can be visited as part of a week long round trip starting from Dubrovnik. It is also part of the itinerary for the one-way route between Split and Dubrovnik

Polace bay (Mljet Island)

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