The Must-see Destinations in Croatia

Every twist and turn of the Dalmatian coastline reveals more amazing destinations in Croatia to add to your list of must-see places. We have put together guides to some of the top locations in Croatia for you to look through. First off, choose the region you want to sail from and then you will bring up all the destinations that are within easy reach during your sailing holiday.

Which destinations in Croatia are on your bucket-list? If you are wondering what is the best way to make the most of your holiday to Croatia, read more in our blog article on The best way to see Croatia.

If you want to delve deeper into the wonderful National Parks, look through the nature lovers selection!


Elaphite Islands

These are a small archipelago of 13 islands and islets stretching northwest of Dubrovnik. The largest of the Elaphite islands are Koločep, Lopud, and Šipan. This trio of islands are all permanently inhabited. Koločep is a green and lush, covered with centuries’ old pine and carob woods, olive groves and gardens filled with oranges [...]

Nature lovers paradise

Croatia is home to eight National Parks and ten Nature Parks that benefit from official protection of the government. What is more, half of these wonderful destinations are in the Dalmatian region of Croatia. The scenery is awe-inspiring, diverse and nature flourishes under the environmental protection. These parks are a haven for wildlife both on land and in the surrounding seas and will not fail to wow photographers, nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

National Parks in Dalmatia

The Velebit mountains in the northern-most corner of Zadar county provide the backdrop to the Paklenica National Park. This is a wonderful land of high peaks and deep ravines and canyons that create a paradise for rock climbers and hikers. One of the destinations in Croatia that will please outdoor enthusiasts.

There are nine hiking trails in total 150km long each set at a different level but all requiring mountaineering equipment. For cyclists and walkers, there is an 8km trail between Starigrad and Reljan.

Matina Peč is a fine example of a karst cave, open to the public, where you can see the stalagmites, stalactites and stacks formed over millennia by the water passing through the limestone caves.

The park is home to some impressive animal species, including peregrine falcons, golden eagles, short-toed snake eagles and bears among others.

Nature Parks in Dalmatia


The 46 islands around Lastovo form an archipelago that is one of Croatia's beautiful Nature parks. Like Vis to the northwest, the island of Lastovo was only recently opened to the public. It used to be a military base, [...]

Part of the Dinaric Alps, Biokovo mountain rises up from the Adriatic Sea, providing amazing views across the Makarska Riviera. The park covers an area of 196km2 and it is home to the highest peak in Dalmatia (St. Juraj 1762m). It became an official Nature Park in 1981 due to the unique geology and biological diversity. There are botanical gardens as well as 30 walking and cycling trails.

Officially declared a Nature Park in 1988, Telašćica is found at the southern end of Dugi Otok (Long Island), covering 70.5km2. You combine visits to this nature park and the Kornati National park – ticking off two of the destinations in Croatia in one go!

Telašćica bay is a wonderful natural harbour. Imposing cliffs rise up to 161m on one side of Dugi Otok, known as the ‘Stene’. While on the other side are peaceful beaches. The seafloor reaches depths of 90m and there are good diving opportunities near the cliffs. Highlights include the saltwater lake, Jesero Mir as well as breathtaking views from Grpašćak Fortress.

Vransko Jezero is the largest natural lake in Croatia. It is situated on the coast near Biograd-na-Moru with the southern shore marking the border between Zadar and Šibenik-Knin counties. This is one of the best destinations in Croatia for bird watchers, if not the whole of Europe!

The lake gained Natural Park status in 1999 and covers an area of 57km2 (of which 30km2 is the lake itself). This is a globally reknowned bird santcuary which is vital to birds in Europe and attained Ramsar Site status in 2013. Over 250 bird species have been recorded and over 100,000 overwinter in the reedbeds.

Feed your Croatia Craving!

If any of these destinations in Croatia are firmly on your bucket-list of things to do, let us know when you get in touch. We can make sure that you have time during your sailing holiday to visit all the destinations in Croatia that you really want to see. And if you have too many to choose from, you will just have to come back again.

Don’t worry – you will be happy to do that because once you have been to Croatia, you will leave a bit of your heart there. Expect withdrawal symptoms from this wonderful country, you will end up craving Croatia! That is ok though because we have a helpline to aid addicts! Get in touch.

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