Besides the charter fee, are there other costs I should budget for?

The other costs that you will need to budget for depend whether you are chartering a standard monohull yachts/catamaran or choose to take one of our elite Crewed Catamarans. Please read through the relevant section to discover what additional costs will arise during your holiday:

Monohull yachts and catamarans

Prior to travel

Additional crew

  • On departure day, you will pay for the crew in euros – skipper/hostess/chef

At the charter office

  • Tourist tax has to be paid in cash (HRK), at the most this will be equivalent to €1.50 pp/day
  • Any optional extras you have requested will be paid directly to the charter office (except additional crew)
  • A deposit will be held against your credit card in case of damage

APA – Advanced Provisioning Allowance

  • Marina & docking fees (depends on the boat length)
  • Food, water and all beverages*
  • Fuel

* Note that you are required to provide meals and drinks for the skipper/hostess as well if you have them

We recommend a budget of 25% of the total booking price. The APA can either be kept by the customer or handed to the skipper/hostess on the day of departure for them to manage on the customers’ behalf. To find out more about APA, read our article: AP-eh? Explaining APA.

In Croatia, cash is king so it is highly recommended to bring Kuna. For further information about money see our blog. Note that if you consume a higher than average amount of food and drink you may need to top up your APA!

Other costs

In the evenings you will generally be eating out at a restaurant so you need to allow for this. You can choose whether to invite any crew along or provide them with an allowance to eat separately.

Any extra activities that you would like to do en-route can be arranged by your skipper/hostess but will need to be paid for, such as wine tasting or scuba diving, etc.

Crewed Catamarans

The elite Crewed Catamarans are priced slightly differently to the other vessels in our portfolio:

  • All the necessary crew are already included in the charter price
  • You still have to budget for your airfare and travel insurance
  • You will be asked to supply an APA, usually 30% of the charter fee which will cover all other expenditure. The amount of this APA for each catamaran can be found on the specific booking page. The captain will keep an accurate record of all costs and at the end of the charter, you will either receive the balance or be asked to pay the difference
  • You will not be required to pay a damage deposit
  • You will still need to cover the same Other Costs as regular charter, for example, evening meals onshore and extra activities