My card payment failed

Why did my payment not go through?

If your card payment was declined, it is likely to be due to security. Banks take your security very seriously, as right they should. Buying a sailing holiday in Croatia is not an everyday occurrence. This means they may flag up the transaction as potential fraud and put a block on it.

Get in touch with your card issuer

3D Secure is an online payment security technology that aims to reduce online credit card fraud. If your card is not enrolled on the Visa Secure (previously Verified by Visa) payment technology or Mastercard SecureCode, then it may get blocked. When this happens you will need to contact your card issuer and inform them that you are trying to purchase a sailing holiday in Croatia. They will then authorize the transaction so that when you try again the payment should be successful.

Make sure you are 3D Secure!

Check with your card issuer to make sure that your credit card is enrolled with the 3D Secure program. If you are not already enrolled, it is quick and easy to do. The simple identification process will mean that your online purchases will run smoothly in the future.