Crewed catamarans & monohulls

Crewed Catamarans and Monohulls are the top vessels in our portfolio. Find a complete list of these high-end catamarans at the end of this FAQ.

So, how does chartering one of these elite vessels differ from other yachts?

The quoted price

The price on our website is the cost of the vessel, transit log and all necessary crew. Take a look at each type of crewed catamaran and monohull to see who will form part of your crew. All other costs are dealt with separately.

Cabins and berths

For the crewed catamarans, the number of cabins and berths displayed on our website concern the guests only. The cabins and berths for the crew have already been accounted for so you do not need to include them in your calculations.

However, for the crewed monohulls, that come with a captain and one skipper cabin, this adjustment has not been made. This is because you may wish to add a hostess to your booking and therefore would need to allocate additional crew spaces.

Other costs

Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA)

Managed by the captain

The APA will cover all other onboard costs. This is managed by the captain, who will keep a complete and accurate record of all receipts. At the end of the charter, any remaining funds will be returned. Alternatively, you will have to pay the difference on any overspend.

What does the APA cover?

    • Tourist tax
    • Marina/anchorage fees
    • Port and legal fees
    • Fuel
    • Supplies and provisions on board
    • Crew gratuities
    • Other activities that guests have specifically requested

How much is the APA?

The Crewed Catamaran and monohull APA is calculated as a percentage of the price (usually 30-35%). As an example, for the Lagoon 77, the APA is €8,000 minimum.

It will vary depending on your specific requests. For example, if you spend more than four hours a day cruising you will consume more fuel. Furthermore, if you have particular food and drink requests that are more expensive, then catering costs will rise.

Onshore costs

Spending in restaurants and shops while on shore does not come under the APA.

Deposit not necessary

No security deposit is needed for fully crewed catamarans.

Which vessels in the portfolio are Crewed Catamarans and Monohulls?

Sunreef 80

Catamaran Crew: Captain, hostess, chef & deckhand


Lagoon 77

Catamaran Crew: Captain, hostess, chef & deckhand

Sunreef 60

Catamaran Crew: Captain, hostess & chef

Lagoon 620

Catamaran Crew: Captain, hostess & chef

Sunreef 50

Catamaran Crew: Captain & hostess

Lagoon 560/S2

Catamaran Crew: Captain & hostess

Jeanneau 64

Monohull Crew: Captain