One-way sailing routes

With a skipper on board, it is possible to charter a boat in one marina and finish your voyage in another, for example, sailing from Split to Dubrovnik. This allows you to explore more of the region as you do not need to be restricted to returning to the base marina. In contrast, bareboat charters cannot sail a one-way route as there will be no one available to sail the yacht back to the start.

Is there an additional fee?

We offer this type of route at no additional cost when you have a skipper on board. In contrast, other charter companies will charge you an extra fee. Therefore you are effectively saving €450-700! This is because we can use your skipper to return the yacht to its base.

How long can we stay onboard?

To make a journey like this, you will need to disembark from the boat by noon on Friday. This gives the skipper time to return the boat to its base marina in time for the next charter week.

How do we check out?

The skipper will complete the check-out process for you when the boat returns to its base marina on Saturday.

You will need to pay the refundable deposit by credit card. As long as you have not damaged the boat during your voyage (for example, by blocking the toilet with paper or breaking the hatches), the deposit will be reimbursed to your card once the skipper has checked out.

Should anything happen to the boat on the return leg, you will not be culpable, the skipper has insurance to cover this.

Exceptional circumstances

To return the boat to Split from Dubrovnik requires the skipper to sail for approximately 20 hours. If bad weather is forecast it will not be possible to do this safely. An alternative circular sailing route will be agreed upon on your arrival day.

In this situation, we would recommend you continue your onward journey by taking the catamaran ferry from Split to Dubrovnik. This takes around 5 hours and will cause minimal disruption to the rest of your holiday plans.