One-way sailing routes

You can charter some yachts in one marina and finish your voyage in another, for example, sailing from Split to Dubrovnik. This allows you to explore more of the region as you do not need to be restricted to returning to the base marina. Let us know if you are interested and we can advise you which vessels are capable.

Is there an additional fee?

A surcharge is required to cover the fuel, labor and administration costs of returning the boat to the base marina. This is around €450-700 depending on the vessel in question.

How long can we stay onboard?

To make a journey like this, you will need to disembark from the boat by noon on Friday. This gives the yacht time to be returned to its base marina ready for the next charter week.

How do we check-out?

The yachts that have the option to sail one-way routes have bases at both ends. This means you will be able to check-out when you leave the yacht at your chosen destination.