Pricing policy – no hidden extras

No hidden extras – your price includes a skipper & transit log

The Yacht Break has a transparent pricing policy so there will be no unpleasant surprises during the booking/check-in processes. The price per week that you are initially quoted includes the cost of the skipper and the transit log. This can be worth as much as €1600, depending on the boat size.

At the marina, you will only be required to pay the tourist tax (currently €1.50 pppd), a refundable deposit, and for any optional extras (such as a hostess, SUP etc).

What is a transit log?

The transit log is a fee that the charter company applies to the boat hire. We have already factored this into our price as part of our transparent pricing policy.

Many other companies either add it on further into the booking process as an ‘obligatory extra’ or demand the cash during check-in. Exactly what is included in the transit log varies between charter agencies. However, it generally includes the following:

  • Documentation of the vessel’s permit/registration
  • Crew list (any changes during the sailing week will incur an additional cost)
  • Final cleaning
  • Diving inspection of the hull prior to check-out
  • Outboard motor
  • Bed linen
  • Towels (not all charter companies supply these)
  • Starter pack (sponge, washing up liquid, toilet roll, ashtray)
  • WiFi