What should I bring with me?

/What should I bring with me?

What should I bring with me?

The boats all have the 12V power that runs off the battery supply, the outlets are just like the ones in a car. So bring a car charger for iPods, phones, cameras etc. Yachts only have 230V when tied up to a marina or run the generator (we cannot run the generator while sailing, and some boats don’t have them).
You will have full cell coverage throughout the week. You can pick up cheap local sim cards if you have an unlocked phone, but are not needed.
Music… Most boats are equipped with Aux input or USB slots, so make sure to bring the cable or USB and create some playlists beforehand. The control unit is located below deck and nobody likes getting up from their tanning session to change songs.

Croatia is generally a very safe place, but be smart. Leave unneeded expensive items at home. Don’t leave valuables or electronics laying around. Medical help or police response is very quick so don’t be worried.
Travel insurance – GET IT, nobody wants to end their vacation with a big foreign medical bill.
Sunscreen – Lobster red isn’t attractive, neither is cancer… Sun exposure on the water is twice as much because you also get hit with the reflection. Bring a couple levels of protection once you start to burn you will want the strong stuff. Aloe Vera or other after sun lotion is a good idea if you do get burnt.
Sunglasses – Cheap ones are great for parties but you will want a pair of quality shades for being on the water, polarized is best. Bring a pair of sunglass straps as well, they may look lame but losing an expensive pair of shades is worse.
Seasickness – for the most part, Croatia is very calm, but a mix of dehydration and sun can amplify seasickness. If you’re not used to boats or know you get motion sickness bring some medication either over the counter or prescription medications are available. If in doubt bring some anyway.
Advil and a small first aid kit is a good idea. The yacht has a small first aid kit, but definitely bring some basics with you, for small scratches or cuts.

Cash is king! The local currency is the Croatian Kuna. Generally, Euros are not accepted. 1USD= 6.9HKR, 1EUR=7.5HKR
ATMs are available everywhere.
Marinas, gas stations, and bigger restaurants will accept Visa and Master Card but smaller cafes, restaurants, taxis, and bars will only accept cash, it’s always a good idea to check first.
We highly recommend that at the beginning of the week you create an APA fund for expenses along the way. This way there’s no argument over whose turn it is to pay or everyone chipping in every time. 25% of Booking Price should be enough. Additional costs will include marina fees, taxis, petrol, ice, etc.

We highly suggest we stock up on food and drinks before leaving our base port. There will be smaller shops on almost every island, but it is much better/cheaper to get most of the stuff done on the first day. Keep in mind that your boat is usually not ready to board before 1 in the afternoon, so don’t go shopping too early (your Hostess will take over this part).
– water (lots of it!)
Croatia is really hot in the summer, and keeping hydrated during the day is crucial
– food for breakfast
– snacks for during the day, while on the water
– lunch
– fruits (some really good/local stuff is sometimes all you need to pick yourself up after a long night)
– dinner… most of the nights you can go out to eat (fresh local fish and meat meals)

Don’t over pack… Small boat, lots of people! Try to bring a duffle bag or collapsible suitcase. Having 10 hard sided roller suitcases on board will feel like living in the middle of a Tetris game. Not cool.
– During the day you only need bathing suits and t-shirts. Flip-flops, sandals or boat shoes are fine for every occasion (including nights out). There are chances to go for hikes and walks through town so sneakers are an option.
– At night, its time to show some class. Think smart casual. Nice T-shirts and shorts are acceptable but its always good to dress to impress.
– Sunglasses and a hat are essential
– Bring a beach towel (or buy one there). A bath towel is provided on the boat
– Cameras, waterproof disposable camera and or Go-Pros

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