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These questions come up almost daily. Many are answered in more detail elsewhere, so we will link to those answers.

Which vessel type and size should I choose? 2018-09-02T14:09:24+00:00

The choice of the vessel depends entirely on your wishes and preferences. Our offer includes the following vessel types:
*Sailing boats – excellent for both family and an active vacation
*Catamarans – very stable and comfortable, ensuring fast sailing

Before choosing a vessel, please bear in mind the following details:
*How many people will be on board?
*Does your group consist of pairs who can share the same cabin or do some crew members require a separate cabin?
*Do you prefer comfort?
*Please bear in mind that your skipper and hostess sleep on board as well, so one of the cabins needs to be reserved for them.

Sailing boat or catamaran? 2018-09-02T14:06:59+00:00

The choice depends on your wishes and preferences. A Catamaran is an excellent choice for those with no sailing experience or for those who feel somewhat insecure sailing. It has two hulls, hence providing greater stability. Catamarans don’t lean more than 5° and offer greater comfort, a spacious saloon area and cabins and somewhat faster sailing, since they have two engines. Modern catamarans have a shallow draft in order to make the access to land and bays easier.

That said, a lighter vessel provides more opportunity to harness the power of the wind, rather than travel using the motor, and the romanticism and adrenalin of setting sail using nature should not be underestimated!

Note that the local winds tend to be lighter in the summer months. Although the skippers are masterful at getting the most out of any breeze there is, they are not magicians, if there is not a breath of wind they will have to resort to the motor. The best months for real sailing tend to be May, June and September.

How do I book a vessel? 2018-09-02T14:08:07+00:00

You can consult our Contact Centre about the vessel choice – they will prepare an offer for you, based upon your request. Should you prefer to look for a vessel on your own, you can do so by using our Online Database system.

Having chosen, we can reserve it for you for several days, with no obligation, giving you time to organize your travel plans (buying plane tickets, etc.) and arrange everything with your crew members.

The vessel is considered booked by you as soon as you pay the first instalment, 50% of the total price (or less on request), or the whole charter fee for bookings within 30 days before the departure. You can either pay by credit card or by bank transfer.

As is standard of Credit Card payment, the following fees are payable:
1) Debit card – 0%.
2) Visa credit card – 2%
3) MasterCard – 2%
4) American Express – 2.5%

Can I charter a vessel for less than a week? 2018-09-02T14:11:50+00:00

Sailing yacht charters usually begin and end on Saturdays.
However, should you desire to take a several day’s long sailing trip in the off-season (October – April), this can be organized and the price is then calculated according to the number of days spent on board.

During the high-season (in June, July and August, as well as the end of May to beginning of September we cannot deviate from our weekly charter system (Saturday – Saturday charter), since these are the busiest months for the charter companies and most weeks are sold out well in advance (therefore, the price is unlikely to be flexible and you would usually be charged for a full week of charter).

Are skipper’s and hostess’s services included in price? 2018-09-02T14:13:04+00:00

Skipper’s service is always included in the yacht price, the hostess is optional. Guests are required to provide them with food and drink during the charter. If you are having dinner onshore, you can either invite your crew with you or give them some money to have dinner on their own.

Gratuity – Gratuity of 5-15% of the booking price is suggested if you’re happy with the quality of the service.

Where does the skipper and hostess sleep? 2018-09-02T14:13:38+00:00

In most cases your skipper and hostess sleep in one of the cabins(they share ONE cabin in a monohull or need the TWO crew cabins on the catamaran). Every vessel is registered for a certain number of people (the law does not allow this number to be exceeded).

Besides the charter fee, are there additional costs I should budget for? 2018-09-02T14:14:52+00:00

As we can not include these costs in the total price you need to factor in a budget for APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance):
*Marina & docking fees (depends on the boat length)
*Airfare and optional travel insurance
*Food, Drink and all beverages
*Dinners onshore

We recommend a budget of 25% of Total Booking Price (APA can be given to skipper/hostess on Departure day or held by the Customer – highly recommended is CASH; Croatian Kuna)

How are menus and food choices decided and when? 2018-09-02T14:17:43+00:00

Your hostess will contact you a week or two before your departure to talk about the menu she will prepare for you every day. After you send her your dietary issues (if any) or food choices, she will prepare a menu for you to agree. On the departure day, you will give her a part of your APA money(Advance Provisioning Allowance) and she will do shopping for the whole week.

There is a typical menu for a day on the yacht:

Breakfast buffet
A selection of traditional breakfast items combined with some extraordinary dishes. (Different kinds of eggs; Fruitplatte; cheese-, meat- and vegetable plate; croissants and fresh bread) (greek yogurt with honey and walnuts; porridge; Quinoa-Pumpkin-Salad with fresh parsley; pancakes with berries; grilled tomatoes with oregano and feta;…)

Something light and fresh during the day: Zucchini-spaghetti with salmon-filet, cocktail tomatoes and a white-wine-sauce served with some crispy whitebread

A two-course meal to enjoy the mild night on the boat. Grilled Chicken with Lemon-risotto and avocado-rocket-salad (or grilled Coconut Cheesecake with berries)

Is there a parking area within the marina? 2018-02-15T18:01:15+00:00

Marinas have a secured parking area for cars – the price of a parking lot depends upon the marina itself and amounts to about 45 € per week.
There are enough parking lots, so the reservations are not necessary. The personnel of the marina take care of the vessels as well as the parking area in the marina.

What should I bring with me? 2018-09-02T14:19:51+00:00

The boats all have the 12V power that runs off the battery supply, the outlets are just like the ones in a car. So bring a car charger for iPods, phones, cameras etc. Yachts only have 230V when tied up to a marina or run the generator (we cannot run the generator while sailing, and some boats don’t have them).
You will have full cell coverage throughout the week. You can pick up cheap local sim cards if you have an unlocked phone, but are not needed.
Music… Most boats are equipped with Aux input or USB slots, so make sure to bring the cable or USB and create some playlists beforehand. The control unit is located below deck and nobody likes getting up from their tanning session to change songs.

Croatia is generally a very safe place, but be smart. Leave unneeded expensive items at home. Don’t leave valuables or electronics laying around. Medical help or police response is very quick so don’t be worried.
Travel insurance – GET IT, nobody wants to end their vacation with a big foreign medical bill.
Sunscreen – Lobster red isn’t attractive, neither is cancer… Sun exposure on the water is twice as much because you also get hit with the reflection. Bring a couple levels of protection once you start to burn you will want the strong stuff. Aloe Vera or other after sun lotion is a good idea if you do get burnt.
Sunglasses – Cheap ones are great for parties but you will want a pair of quality shades for being on the water, polarized is best. Bring a pair of sunglass straps as well, they may look lame but losing an expensive pair of shades is worse.
Seasickness – for the most part, Croatia is very calm, but a mix of dehydration and sun can amplify seasickness. If you’re not used to boats or know you get motion sickness bring some medication either over the counter or prescription medications are available. If in doubt bring some anyway.
Advil and a small first aid kit is a good idea. The yacht has a small first aid kit, but definitely bring some basics with you, for small scratches or cuts.

Cash is king! The local currency is the Croatian Kuna. Generally, Euros are not accepted. 1USD= 6.9HKR, 1EUR=7.5HKR
ATMs are available everywhere.
Marinas, gas stations, and bigger restaurants will accept Visa and Master Card but smaller cafes, restaurants, taxis, and bars will only accept cash, it’s always a good idea to check first.
We highly recommend that at the beginning of the week you create an APA fund for expenses along the way. This way there’s no argument over whose turn it is to pay or everyone chipping in every time. 25% of Booking Price should be enough. Additional costs will include marina fees, taxis, petrol, ice, etc.

It is sensible to stock up on food and drinks before leaving the base port. There will be smaller shops on almost every island, but it is much better/cheaper to get most of the stuff done on the first day. Keep in mind that your boat is usually not ready to board before 1 in the afternoon, so don’t go shopping too early (your Hostess will take over this part).
– water (lots of it!)
Croatia is really hot in the summer, and keeping hydrated during the day is crucial
– food for breakfast
– snacks for during the day, while on the water
– lunch
– fruits (some really good/local stuff is sometimes all you need to pick yourself up after a long night)
– dinner… most of the nights you can go out to eat (fresh local fish and meat meals)

Don’t over pack… Small boat, lots of people! Try to bring a duffle bag or a collapsible suitcase. Having 10 hard sided roller suitcases on board will feel like living in the middle of a Tetris game. Not cool.
– During the day you only need bathing suits and t-shirts. Flip-flops, sandals or boat shoes are fine for every occasion (including nights out). There are chances to go for hikes and walks through town so sneakers are an option.
– At night, its time to show some class. Think smart casual. Nice T-shirts and shorts are acceptable but its always good to dress to impress.
– Sunglasses and a hat are essential
– Bring a beach towel (or buy one there). A bath towel is provided on the boat
– Cameras, a waterproof disposable camera and or Go-Pros

Which currency should I use to pay for mooring fees and other expenses? 2018-02-15T18:01:16+00:00

Please note that all the services in Croatia are paid in Kunas. Sometimes it is possible to pay the mooring fees in Euros, but it depends upon the marina and should be checked upon in advance.

In restaurants (not every), shops and supermarkets you can use credit cards as well.

Technical equipment on board? 2018-02-15T18:01:16+00:00

If having reserved a vessel through our website, please check the additional information on vessel equipment for every single boat in our offer. Should you need any further assistance, just contact us and we’ll send you a document quoting all the equipment on your chosen boat.

All boats in our offer have safety and navigation equipment as well as navigation maps.

Is bed linen, cutlery, etc. provided on board? 2018-02-15T18:01:16+00:00

Bed linen (sheets, blankets, pillows) is provided on every vessel. Only few charter agencies provide towels as well, so by all means take your own with you (both beach towels as well as those for personal hygiene).

Kitchen is equipped with stove, oven, fridge, sink, cooking utensils and cutlery.

Which places should I visit? 2018-02-15T18:01:16+00:00

If you don’t know which places to visit, please check some of our suggested routes and info on departure points of the vessels in our offer. We can also provide you with additional information about cultural sights, beaches, etc.

Children on board? 2018-02-15T18:01:16+00:00

Children can go sailing with you from an early age – there is no age limit, however, their stay on board should be closely monitored by adults. Be sure to choose the safest cabin for a child (e.g. the front cabin) and a place for him/her to play (cockpit is a relatively safe place). You can also put a safety net along the sides of the boat and children should, by all means, wear life vests. You should bring baby food along since it cannot be bought in every supermarket within the marina. You should also consider choosing shorter routes and visiting marinas more frequently in order to provide safer berthing as well as comfort.

When should I return the vessel to the marina? 2018-02-15T18:01:16+00:00

The vessels are returned to the base on Friday afternoon/evening with an overnight on board till Saturday morning between 8 am and 9 am when the check-out procedure is done. At that time the guests should leave the boat so that it can be cleaned and prepared for new guests. The vessel can also be returned to the base on Saturday, but make sure it is before 8 am, in order for guests to have enough time to fill the tank before leaving the vessel.

Is it possible for some people to leave and other to join the crew during a sailing trip? 2018-02-15T18:01:16+00:00

Changes of the crew are possible – however, this should be indicated in advance, before embarkation, so as to make crew lists, on which the dates of changes as well information on people joining or leaving the crew will be specified. Our guests receive a blank crew list, which they fill in with the crew details both before and after the change (the date of the change should be indicated as well). The complete crew list can be sent to us via email or fax.

Before taking over the vessel, the charter agency will provide the guests with a verified crew list with data both before and after the change, which the guests need to have during the sailing trip.

If the crew suddenly changes during the cruise, without previous notice, the guests are obliged to contact the charter agency and inform them about the change in order for them to send the new verified crew list. The new list can then be sent via email to the guests (to any place where they are at that moment).

In case of a control, the guests need to present the new crew list, although they are obliged to keep the old one as well.

Can I take over the vessel before the time determined for check-in? 2018-02-15T18:01:16+00:00

If you are arriving before the time determined for taking over the vessel (early check-in is usually done at around 1-2pm), let us know the approximate time of your arrival and we will try to arrange with the charter agency to have the vessel delivered to you earlier, which is possible if it is not too crowded in the marina at that time. In case you are arriving on Friday or earlier and need some help in finding suitable accommodation, please feel free to contact us.

Yacht availability 2018-02-15T18:01:16+00:00

There is a possibility the yacht you choose when making your booking may not be available. As a result, we reserve the right to cancel your booking up to 5 working days from your booking date. In all cases, we will endeavour to offer an appropriate alternative yacht. If a suitable replacement is not available a full refund will be offered.

Do I need to leave Deposit in charter office? 2018-02-15T18:01:16+00:00

As all of our yachts includes Deposit insurance you do not need to leave any Deposit in charter office, therefore you can leave your yacht already in Friday evening and not worry about losing your Deposit if any of damage is done.

Deposit Insurance does not include losing your Outboard Engine, Anchor, Dinghy, or blocking Toilet Pipes.

Travel Insurance 2018-02-15T18:01:16+00:00

The price you pay does not include travel insurance as The Yacht Break does not sell or organise such insurance. In accordance with our bookings terms and conditions, you must have sufficient travel insurance that covers adventurous activities such as sailing prior to the commencement of your holiday.