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Pricing policy – build your package

The upfront booking price Yacht price + Transit log  = Upfront booking price If your holiday is within 40 days of the booking date, you will pay the full amount straight away. Otherwise, you can choose to pay in two installments: pay half when booking and the rest 40 [...]

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How do I book a vessel?

Booking is easy. You can browse our portfolio of boats in the Yachts section, filtering by base marina as well as specific vessel types and attributes. If you prefer a more personal approach, you are welcome to either fill in the contact form, or give us a call, and we [...]

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What is a bareboat charter?

A bareboat charter is where you only rent the yacht/catamaran. You do not hire a professional skipper to come on board. You will need to hold the necessary qualifications to do this (see this FAQ to find out which licenses are recognized). When chartering bareboat, you take full responsibility for [...]

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What qualifications do I need for a bareboat charter in Croatia?

To charter a yacht or catamaran without one of our skippers, you will need: a recognized certificate of competence issued by your country a VHF License Croatia accepts licenses from almost all European countries as well as many others. Make sure that you download the list issued by the Croatian [...]

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Service type

Within the portfolio, you will find two service types: Bareboat (option to add crew) Choose this if: you want to sail the vessel yourself and/or you want to have the flexibility to add the crew that you want to hire (skipper/hostess/chef) Crewed These crewed vessels come with the necessary crew [...]

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Can I charter a vessel for less than a week?

Sailing yacht charters usually begin, and end, on Saturdays. Off-season (October - April) If you wish to sail for less than a week in the low season this can be arranged. Pricing will be on a pro-rata basis (ie proportional to the number of days spent on board). High season [...]

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Can I take over the vessel before the time determined for check-in?

Saturdays are busy hand over days in the marina. If you have booked an early check-in, you should arrive at the marina around 12pm, otherwise come for 2pm. If you are arriving before this time, let us know your eta. It may be possible for us to have your [...]

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Can you help with airport transfers?

We are happy to help with airport transfers to and from the base marina. Let us know if you would like us to organize a reliable company to get all your crew and bags to the marina. Do you want a transporter (8-seater), a limo or a taxi? For more [...]

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Why book through an agent?

We are discerning about which yachts we offer A great agent vets the boats from many charter companies, only adding yachts and catamarans into their portfolio that they are 100% happy with. This, in turn, leads to happy sailors and returning customers. You can be assured that our experts have [...]

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One-way sailing routes

With a skipper on board, it is possible to charter a boat in one marina and finish your voyage in another, for example, sailing from Split to Dubrovnik. This allows you to explore more of the region as you do not need to be restricted to returning to the [...]

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