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Change in laws during COVID-19

Package Travel Regulation changes due to COVID The Croatian Parliament has approved the Tourism Ministry's proposal to make changes to the Law on Emergency Tourism Services, which allows travel agencies to issue vouchers instead of refunding passengers for package arrangements. The passenger is fully protected as they receive a voucher [...]

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How do I book a vessel?

Booking is easy. You can browse our portfolio of boats in the Yachts section, filtering by base marina as well as specific vessel types and attributes. If you prefer a more personal approach, you are welcome to either fill in the contact form, or give us a call, and we [...]

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Can I pay with crypto?

Can I pay with crypto? Yes! The Yacht Break is proud to become the first company in our sector to accept Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies from our customers. When you come to pay for your sailing holiday, you will be able to use your cryptocurrency to pay. Which [...]

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My card payment failed

Why did my payment not go through? If your card payment was declined, it is likely to be due to security. Banks take your security very seriously, as right they should. Buying a sailing holiday in Croatia is not an everyday occurrence. This means they may flag up the transaction [...]

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Do you accept American Express?

Yes, having integrated the Stripe payment system into our website, we are now able to accept American Express. You can make payments with Amex or other leading credit cards when booking your sailing holiday.  

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What is a bareboat charter?

A bareboat charter is where you only rent the yacht/catamaran. You do not hire a professional skipper to come on board. You will need to hold the necessary qualifications to do this (see this FAQ to find out which licenses are recognized). When chartering bareboat, you take full responsibility for [...]

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Which cryptocurrency wallets can I use?

You can use any Payment Protocol-compatible wallet to pay a BitPay invoice. If you don't have one yet, simply create a wallet for the crypocurrency you want to use. Here is a list of some compatible wallets: BitPay Wallet Copay Wallet Wallet Mycelium Wallet Edge Wallet (Formerly Airbitz) [...]

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