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Crewed catamarans & monohulls

Crewed Catamarans and Monohulls are the top vessels in our portfolio. Use the filter in our yacht portfolio to identify the crewed yachts (Service type = Crewed). So, how does chartering one of these elite vessels differ from other yachts? The quoted price The price on our website is [...]

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What is a bareboat charter?

A bareboat charter is where you only rent the yacht/catamaran. You do not hire a professional skipper to come on board. You will need to hold the necessary qualifications to do this (see this FAQ to find out which licenses are recognized). When chartering bareboat, you take full responsibility for [...]

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What qualifications do I need for a bareboat charter in Croatia?

To charter a yacht or catamaran without one of our skippers, you will need: a recognized certificate of competence issued by your country a VHF License Croatia accepts licenses from almost all European countries as well as many others. Make sure that you download the list issued by the Croatian [...]

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What are the different service types?

Within the portfolio, you will find two service types: Bareboat (option to add crew) Choose this if: you want to sail the vessel yourself and/or you want to have the flexibility to add the crew that you want to hire (skipper/hostess/chef) Crewed These crewed vessels come with the necessary crew [...]

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Are skipper’s and hostess’s services included in price?

Monohull yachts and catamarans Once you have selected your yacht/catamaran, you will be able to choose which crew you want to bring along. If you have the necessary licences and want to be in charge and responsible, you can charter the yacht bareboat. If you prefer to be more [...]

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Where do the skipper and hostess sleep?

Monohull The skipper requires ONE cabin, however if you also book a hostess they can share a double cabin. Catamaran The skipper and hostess will use the two designated crew cabins on a catamaran. Law Vessels are registered for a certain number of people by law so this must not [...]

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What languages do the crew speak?

The skipper will speak fluent English and Croatian. On request, you can also get Spanish, German or French speakers. Please let us know if you have any specific language concerns.

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What gender are the skipper & hostess?

Usually, the skipper is male and the hostess is female. However, The Yacht Break is able to supply excellent professional female skippers and/or male hosts on request (subject to availability). If you have a specific preference, please make us aware when you book your yacht.

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Should I tip the crew?

It is good practice to tip your crew 5-15% of the booking price. So, if service was good, tip 5% or if it was amazing, tip closer to 15% Give the gratuity at the end of the sailing holiday to your skipper and they will distribute it among the crew [...]

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Can we make crew changes during a sailing trip?

Changes to the crew on board are possible during the sailing week. However, this needs to be indicated in advance and remain within the capacity of the boat. By law the charter company must hold an accurate record of crew; for search and rescue purposes, as well as boarder controls. [...]

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