Questions about money, what is included, additional costs, deposits etc

Pricing policy – no hidden extras

No hidden extras - your price includes a skipper & transit log The Yacht Break has a transparent pricing policy so there will be no unpleasant surprises during the booking/check-in processes. The price per week that you are initially quoted includes the cost of the skipper and the transit log. [...]

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What is a transit log?

The transit log is a fee that the charter company applies to the boat hire. You do not need to worry about this fee when booking with The Yacht Break. This is because we have already taken it into account in our prices. When searching other yacht charter companies you [...]

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What does APA stand for?

APA stands for Advance Provisioning Allowance. This helps you to budget for expenses you will incur during the course of your sailing holiday. In general, we suggest allowing 20-25% APA on a standard yacht or catamaran charter. For Crewed Catamarans, the APA is usually 30% and it is handed over [...]

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Are skipper’s and hostess’s services included in price?

Monohull yachts and catamarans A skipper is included in the price of on The Yacht Break, whereas the hostess is optional. Guests are required to provide them with food and drink during the charter. If you are having dinner onshore, you can either invite your crew with you or [...]

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Should I tip the crew?

It is good practice to tip your crew 5-15% of the booking price. So, if service was good, tip 5% or if it was amazing, tip closer to 15% Give the gratuity at the end of the sailing holiday to your skipper and they will distribute it among the crew [...]

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Travel Insurance

The Yacht Break does not sell or organize travel insurance. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have adequate insurance in place (in accordance with our T&Cs). Furthermore, this needs to cover you for adventurous activities, such as sailing.

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Besides the charter fee, are there other costs I should budget for?

The other costs that you will need to budget for depend whether you are chartering a standard monohull yachts/catamaran or choose to take one of our elite Crewed Catamarans. Please read through the relevant section to discover what additional costs will arise during your holiday: Monohull yachts and catamarans [...]

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Which currency should I use to pay for mooring fees and other expenses?

The Croatian currency is the Kuna (HRK), therefore it should be used to pay for all services in the country*. Occasionally it is possible to pay mooring fees in Euros, but this marina specific and should be checked in advance. Cash is king in Croatia and you can find ATMs [...]

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Leaving a security deposit in the charter office…

Monohull yacht and catamaran The charter office will hold a security deposit, to the value stated on the yacht summary, for the duration of your sail. This is held against your credit card; they all accept Visa and MasterCard and some take AMEX. It is to protect against damage [...]

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