Girls Getaway on a Sailing Holiday

Girls visiting Krka on a getaway to Croatia

Organizing a girls getaway on a sailing yacht

Behind every girl is a tight group of friends who are always there for you, no matter what life throws in your way. University mates, friends from school, mum chums – they form your support team. Whether you see them every day at the school gates or they are scattered to the four corners of the country and beyond, carving out a bit of ‘you’ time with your girlfriends is invaluable. And every so often you need to go that little bit further and truly get away from it all together.

Read on to find out how a sailing holiday could be the perfect treat for your next girls getaway. Why you should put a date in the diary to sail around Croatia with your besties and to get some useful tips about how to plan and book your very own sailing holiday.

Top Tips for Booking a Girls Getaway on a Yacht

Girls relaxing on a yachting holiday

Choosing Croatia for your girls getaway

Ladies enjoying a sailing holiday in Croatia

If you settle on Croatia as your dream destination for your girls getaway, the next stage is to decide which part of Croatia to visit. The Dalmatian Coast offers amazing sailing, fantastic food, wonderful wine, reliably good weather, and mindblowing natural beauty. Take a look through our routes and read up on some of the top destination highlights.

The best Dalmatian sailing routes

For your girls getaway, it is important to strike a balance between sailing and exploring the islands, and this route around the Kornati islands is full of short hops between locations. With the help of The Yacht Break, you can tailor the route so that you can go to see the waterfalls in the Krka National Park. Definitely one to tick off your list!

Another great sailing route with short hops starts from one Split and explores the central Dalmatian islands. Travel south to explore the islands of Hvar and Vis. The excitement of Hvar Town is complemented by stops in other harbors so you get to experience both sides to Croatia.

Let us know your plans

Are you planning a girls getaway? If so, let us know your top tips – get in touch on social media. When it comes to planning girls trip on a sailing holiday, we are perfectly placed to help you plan!

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