First time sailing? … or want to be carefree?

Taking a hostess on the yacht means that they will oversee everything, leaving you carefree to make the most out of your holiday. All the shopping, cooking and washing up will be taken care of so that you don’t have to.

Provisioning a yacht can be challenging and time consuming. The hostess will do this for you and have everything ready and stowed on board so you can depart straight after check-in. Along the route they will visit local producers to ensure the boat stays stocked up. During the week, they make all the breakfasts and lunches as well as two evening meals for those off-grid nights. Dishes will be tidied away and the hostess will ensure everything remains clean and tidy below decks in the galley and give a bathrooms a quick once-over.

How does it work?

In the weeks before you leave, your hostess will be in contact to find out any specific dietary requirements or requests. They will then tailor a menu to your tastes and send it to you as an essential guide.

Not only trained chefs, our hostesses are also knowledgeable about every destination on your journey and can make restaurant recommendations and bookings on your behalf.

When you choose a boat, bear in mind that they will need a cabin. On a yacht they can share a double berth with the skipper whereas catamarans have specific single crew cabins (they would need one each).

Quick FAQs

  • Professionally trained

  • Speaks English and Croatian

  • First-hand knowledge of all of our destinations

  • Shops

  • Cooks

  • Cleans interior communal areas

  • Sleep on the boat (preferably in a cabin)

  • Subject to availability, on request, male hosts can be provided

So, what will a hostess do?

A hostess will…

  • Shop for all groceries

  • Cook all breakfasts, all lunches and two evening meals
  • Wash the dishes and keep the kitchen tidy
  • Give bathrooms a quick once-ever

  • Recommend and make restaurant bookings

A hostess won’t…

  • Clean the cabins

  • Be responsible for navigating the yacht

  • Babysit the kids

  • Clean the exterior of the yacht

  • Provide ‘extracurricular’ activities

How do I include a hostess?

Bareboat yachts can have crew added to them during the booking process. You just need to make sure that there is space on the yacht (check the berths and cabins). Our crewed catamarans are the ultimate in luxury sailing holidays and already come with a hostess included in the price.

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