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Step-by-step Guide to Booking a Sailing Holiday

Are you wondering how to book a yacht charter? The steps involved in booking a sailing holiday should be fun, exciting and easy. We are here to help you every step of the way to make it a seamless and enjoyable process. So let’s start by putting you at ease – explaining who we are and why you can trust us. After that you will learn how to book a yacht charter with us.

We are your free unbiased expert advisor!

The Yacht Break provides a platform for you to charter a yacht and enjoy a carefree vacation. We are a specialist yacht charter broker who will work tirelessly for you to create your dream sailing holiday. We will assist you with all the help, support and expertise required to guide you through the process. What is more, we will put in all this hard work at no cost to yourself to make sure that you have an exceptional carefree vacation.

So what is in it for us? If you want to understand more about what makes us tick and why we are offering you a very valuable free service, you can read more about yacht charter brokers here. To further reassure you of our reputation and credentials you may like to check out this FAQ. Booking a sailing holiday with us means you can relax in safe hands.

Remember that sailing starts on Saturday!

To make the most of your sailing week, work out when you want to come and how you are going to get there. Yacht charters in Croatia run weekly, from Saturday to Saturday. Check-in is around 2 pm, returning to the base marina on Friday evening for check-out at 9 am on Saturday. It is only the very start and end of the season that it is possible to sail for less than a week (minimum 4 days).

Don’t worry if your flights do not quite fall in line with these times. There is plenty to see on the Croatian mainland, so come early or leave late!

Sailing holidays are all about choices

Let’s outline some of the choices you will make when booking a sailing holiday. We can give you all the information and guidance you need, to help create your ultimate dream vacation. Get in touch with us at any point if you want to know how to book a yacht charter, or even during the preliminary stages when you are just after info. Let us walk you through the whole process and make sure you are booking a sailing holiday of a lifetime!

Gather family, friends and loved ones

It is not hard to sell the idea of a sailing holiday in Croatia, it is a trip to paradise with a perfect balance of nature, culture, luxury, and excitement. A place to unwind from the stresses of life with something for everyone. Your first choice is to decide who you want to be part of your dream this time? Whether it is a sailing holiday for friends or family, or a special romantic luxury vacation to be shared with your nearest and dearest, there is no doubt you will love it!

Sailing holidays are fantastically flexible. Booking a sailing holiday is the right choice for so many different types of vacation,  you can keep everyone happy! The Yacht Break has yacht charters that are suitable for so many occasions:

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sailing holidays can be booked for many reasons
Consider which islands you want see when you book your sailing holiday

Pick your islands to explore

There are so many places to explore, so choose which area of the Dalmatian coast you would like to visit first. You can charter yachts from Dubrovnik, Split, Sibenik or Zadar with The Yacht Break. We have pulled together some great one-week sailing itineraries from these regions so you can get a good idea of what is feasible during your sailing holiday.

Take a look through our destination guides to pick out your favorite ‘must-see’ places. All our sailing routes are fully flexible and can be tailored to fit your interests. Are you a culture buff? Do you like to let your hair down at music festivals? Is there a fitness fanatic in the family?

Let us know when you book if there is anything you particularly want to do. Feel free to get in touch if you need any help booking a sailing holiday!

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Build your bespoke package

You can choose what sort of service package you want when booking your sailing holiday with The Yacht Break. The majority of our yachts can be chartered bareboat. You then have the choice to bring onboard a bit of extra help if you wish. You could choose a skipper to sail the yacht. Even if you know how to sail you may not want to shoulder the responsibility, after all this is meant to be a relaxing holiday for everyone. There is also the option to include a hostess, or even a personal chef if you want to up the level of luxury.

At the top of the scale is our ultimate luxury package; the elite crewed catamarans. They come complete with a dedicated crew that remain onboard all season. The choice is yours, we can help you decide what matches your requirement when booking a sailing holiday with us!

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Build your sailing holiday package, booking crew
We can help with booking the right yacht for your sailing holiday

Select your yacht/catamaran

When you know how many people you want to take, and where you want to go, we can help pick the perfect yacht to take you there. Do a headcount and think about which members of your party can share cabins. Each boat has a maximum number of people (berths) it can legally have on board. This includes those in private cabins as well as any internal communal parts that convert into sleeping areas. At The Yacht Break, we strongly advise you not to use the saloon as a bedroom, unless you have no other choice. For obvious reasons, life is much more pleasant on board when everyone has dedicated private quarters!

Don’t forget about the hired crew as they form part of the headcount and also need somewhere to sleep. Our catamarans and selected monohull yachts come with crew cabins. On other monohulls, the skipper and hostess can share one double cabin.

If you would like to read up more about the different yachts, take a look at the guides on yacht vs catamaran and also see what optional extras would be good to have on board. Don’t forget that we are here to help you through booking a sailing holiday so use our expertise!

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Sail through the booking process

Booking a sailing holiday is really easy if you know which one you want. Fill in the booking form for your desired yacht and we will respond within 24 hours to let you know if your yacht is available; or provide some suitable alternatives. If you aren’t sure which yacht you want, then you can fill in the contact form and we will email you some suggestions based on information you provide.

We can put an option on the yacht that you want so that you have time to finalize the arrangements. Once you are all set, you will be able to go into your booking screen and make the initial payment. You can find out more information on the booking and payment process here.

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Sail through the booking process
After booking your sailing holiday you can relax

What happens next?

After booking your sailing holiday, you can relax. We will do all the work behind the scenes. Around 40 days before you set sail, we will get you to provide a crew list to complete for all the guests that are traveling. If you have a hostess coming to help, we will make sure we know what you like to eat and agree on a menu.

All the necessary documents and information for check-in will be available on your personalized booking screen. We will also make your very own bespoke travel guide based on the route you are expecting to sail. Don’t forget though that your sailing holiday is flexible, so you can change the route if you wish when you are on board. It may also be that the weather has a say in things too. This guide will contain the contact details and biography of any crew members you are hiring. We like to get the ball rolling so that you are comfortable and relaxed the whole way through.

Still unsure about booking a sailing holiday?

Are you still unsure about how to book a yacht charter? Don’t worry, there are a lot of choices to make. We completely understand, and help is on hand. Get in touch and we can hold your hand through the whole process of booking a sailing holiday.

What to Expect Day-to-Day During Your Sailing Holiday

Base marina

Arrive at your base marina around 12pm on Saturday if you have early check-in, otherwise get there after 2pm. You will meet your skipper if you have selected one, who will get you through check-in and help you on board. Unless you have booked a hostess, you will also need to take a trip to the supermarket to do some preliminary provisioning. The aim is to set sail Saturday afternoon. Depending on the weather, route and timing you may stay in the marina overnight. In this case you can explore the nearby town and sail early Sunday.

During your week

Enjoy your morning surrounded by the Adriatic, refresh yourself with an early dive into the crystal clear waters. Enjoy a good breakfast, freshly made by your hostess if you have one, and get ready to set sail to your next destination. You may stop for a swim and a spot of lunch on the yacht in a secluded bay. Once you have reached your final destination for the day, head onshore to explore and enjoy any activities you wish to do. In the evening dine in a fabulous local restaurant, soaking up the atmosphere before returning to your yacht to gaze at a universe of stars.

So now you know all about booking a sailing holiday with The Yacht Break, let’s make a start!

Find your yacht

Don’t forget that we are here to help all the way through the booking process. So get in touch if you have any other questions or need a bit of help.


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