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Booking a Sailing Holiday with The Yacht Break

The steps involved in booking your dream sailing holiday should be fun, exciting and easy. The Yacht Break provides a platform for you to charter a yacht and enjoy a carefree vacation. You have the choice to add a highly trained professional skipper to guide you through your week on board. Alternatively, if you are a skilled sailor, you can also choose to a bareboat yacht charter. In this guide we outline how we can help to make your desires come true when booking your sailing holiday through The Yacht Break. Let’s start with who to take and where you should go. Then we can help to work out which boat will best suit your needs. After this, we reveal how to glide seamlessly through the booking process and what to expect when you finally come to join us in Croatia:

Gather your family or friends

It is not hard to sell the idea of a sailing holiday in Croatia, it is a trip to paradise with a perfect balance of nature, culture, luxury, and excitement. A place to unwind from the stresses of life with something for everyone. Your first choice is to decide who you want to be part of your dream? Whether it is a holiday for friends and/or family, or a special romantic celebration to be shared with your nearest and dearest, there is no doubt you will love it!

Sailing holidays are great for so many different vacations and there are boats suitable for every occasion: from family sailing with children (young or old!) to relaxing retirement breaks; girly getaways or mates holidays; bachelor(ette) parties to honeymoons; a way to celebrate special milestones with as many or as few as you like; even as a team building exercise to reward employees.

Pick your islands to explore

There are so many places to explore, so choose which area of the Dalmatian coast you would like to visit first. Take a look through our destination guides to pick out your favorite ‘must-see’ places. Have a look at some of our recommended routes in your chosen region to get an idea of what is feasible in a week. With the help of a skipper, it can be tailored to fit your interests. Feel free to get in touch if you need any help!

Work out when you want to come and how you are going to get there in order to make the most of your sailing time. Charters in Croatia run weekly, from Saturday to Saturday. Check-in is around 2 pm, returning back to the base marina on Friday evening for check-out at 9 am on Saturday morning. If your flights do not quite fall in line with these times it is not a problem as there is plenty to see on the Croatian mainland, come early or leave late!

Select your yacht/catamaran

When you know how many people you want to take, and where you want to go, then you can enjoy picking the perfect boat to take you there. Do a head count and think about which members of your party can share cabins. Each boat has a maximum number of people (berths) it can legally have on board. This includes those in private cabins as well as any internal communal parts that convert into sleeping areas.

Don’t forget about any additional crew members you want to hire. Make sure to reserve a cabin for the skipper and any other crew (ie hostess/chef) you select. On a yacht, the skipper and hostess can share one double cabin, while on a catamaran there are two designated crew cabins.

If you need help deciding on a boat, take a look at the guides on yacht vs catamaran and also see what optional extras would be good to have on board. Send a request and we will help to book the right one.

Sail through the booking process

When you send a booking request online, we will respond within 24 hours to let you know if your boat is available; or provide some suitable alternatives. You have 24 hours to pay a 50% deposit once availability has been confirmed (100% if traveling within 40 days). Pay the outstanding balance 40 days prior to departure. Make credit card payments and bank transfers online via our secure website.

When the final payment has gone through, we will contact you to find out who is coming; and what they like to eat (if you have chosen a hostess!). We will provide the travel documents you need at check-in as well as detailed information about where and when to meet up. Find out more about booking and payment here.

So now you know how to book a sailing holiday with The Yacht break, let’s make a start! Our FAQs section is also packed full of helpful information: from boats to booking, crew to marinas, money and more general advice. Don’t forget that we are here to help all the way through the booking process so get in touch if you have any other questions or need a bit of help.

A Typical Day Onboard

Base marina

Arrive at your base marina around 12pm on Saturday if you have early check-in, otherwise get there after 2pm. You will meet your skipper if you have selected one, who will get you through check-in and help you on board. Unless you have booked a hostess, you will also need to take a trip to the supermarket to do some preliminary provisioning. Depending on the weather and route, you will either set sail Saturday afternoon or stay in the marina overnight, exploring the nearby town, and sail early Sunday.

During your week

Enjoy your morning surrounded by the Adriatic, refresh yourself with an early dive into the crystal clear waters. Then enjoy a good breakfast, freshly made by your hostess if you have one, and get ready to set sail to your next destination. Drop the anchor or moor your boat in a secluded bay and spend the day exploring or relaxing as you have always dreamed. Take lunch on the boat then spend the evening dining in a fabulous local restaurant, soaking up the atmosphere before returning to your yacht to gaze at a universe of stars.

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