Southern (Dubrovnik)

The Dalmatian Coast can be divided into three main areas. Dubrovnik is the jewel of the south.

How to get to the area?

Dubrovnik airport handles 3.5 million passengers and had good international routes in Europe and beyond.  There are three shuttle flights per day to the capital, Zagreb, taking an hour.

Flight schedules do not necessarily coincide with yacht charters, which start on Saturdays, but this is a ‘must-see’ city. Tag some days either end of your sailing holiday and enjoy exploring Dubrovnik. When Saturday comes around you can make your way to the base marina of your chosen boat and meet up with your crew.

Where to go?

Dubrovnik is the gateway to islands around the Elaphite archipelagoMljetKorčula and Lastovo.

Sailing routes

Use Dubrovnik as a base marina to visit the nearby islands, or consider a one-way trip from Split.



This pearl of the Adriatic coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and should be on your 'bucket list'. One of the last remaining walled towns, its many sights are one of the top attractions in Croatia. For centuries, Dubrovnik was an independent republic with its own laws and currency. We recommend visiting early [...]



Hvar town is one of the most fun-loving destinations in all Croatia, some even call it a 'second Ibiza'. The intricately carved Venetian architecture and wide stone seaside promenade make Hvar town one of the must see destinations, especially at night. Newcomers quickly settle into the Hvar rhythm: beach, sundowner drinks at Hula-Hula Hvar, [...]



Marco Polo’s hometown of Korčula, justly known as 'little-Dubrovnik', will take your breath away with it's amazing medieval architecture. Walk through the fortress enclosed in stone walls with romantic cobbled streets and other hidden treasures. It is rich in vineyards and olive groves, so dinner comes served with one of the best white Croatian [...]



Legend says Odysseus was shipwrecked on this island and he remained there, a captive of the nymph called Calypso, for 7 years. Experience the natural beauty of Mljet National Park where you can cycle, walk and kayak around the two famous saltwater lakes. The water temperature is higher than the sea, which is great [...]



The 46 islands around Lastovo form an archipelago that is one of Croatia's beautiful Nature parks. Like Vis to the northwest, the island of Lastovo was only recently opened to the public. It used to be a military base, therefore it has a relatively unspoiled charm. There is a mass of marine life, ancient [...]

Elaphite Islands


These are a small archipelago of 13 islands stretching northwest of Dubrovnik. The largest of the Elaphite islands are Koločep, Lopud, and Šipan, which are all permanently inhabited. Koločep is a green island due to the centuries’ old pine and carob woods, olive groves and gardens filled with oranges and lemons. It is home [...]