Post COVID Travel

post COVID travel to remote bays in Croatia

What will post COVID travel look like?

Holiday-makers are going to encounter a different landscape when they emerge from lockdown. There will rightly be caution about traveling after COVID and potentially reigniting the pandemic before a vaccine is available. Based on previous outbreaks, tourism is unlikely to reach pre-COVID levels for several years. However, holidays are important for our mental health which, let’s face it, has been severely bruised during the Coronavirus pandemic. One thing we can all agree on is that we would all dearly love holidays after Coronavirus… as long as we can stay safe!

COVID safe travel considerations

To stay safe, we need to find COVID safe travel ideas. What does this mean? Well, we need to look at the country – does it have a good track record for dealing with the Coronavirus? Can we get there safely? What measures are in place to ensure tourists are reassured that they are safe from Coronavirus? Once we are on holiday, how can we maximize our ability to maintain social distancing? Keeping away from crowds, busy hotels etc will be important for holidays after COVID. Will the country be open for business? No one wants to go on holiday and find shops closed and attractions shut up.

Croatia’s response to COVID-19 was exemplary

Croatia dealt with Coronavirus swiftly and effectively. A quick decision to lock down the country early helped to stop COVID-19 taking hold. Because of this, Croatia is being touted as the country of choice for those who are going to venture out for a post COVID holiday this year.

Is Croatia ready for tourists?

The situation is dynamic and we will endeavor to keep this section as up-to-date as possible. You are also advised to check the latest information on the government website and the latest recommendations on the HZJZ. As of 11 May, groups of up to 10 people are allowed to gather. From 18 May, gatherings of 40 people will be allowed.


In line with EU guidelines, borders will remain closed to non-essential travel (ie leisure tourism) until 15 June 2020. At this point, they are expected to be reopened to EU citizens. No decision has yet been made about countries further afield.

Shops and restaurants

The economy has been successfully opened up again, step-by-step, making Croatia a viable place to live and visit. Shops have reopened, even those in shopping centers can trade, albeit with social distancing measures in place. There is a limit of 15 people per 100 m2 and it is recommended to wear face masks.

Restaurants, cafes and konobas that have terrace seating are also allowed to open their doors if they adhere to social distancing rules.

Beauticians and hairdressers are back in business (4 May).


Visitors can once again access Croatia’s wonderful National Parks and Nature Parks. Furthermore, you can access the libraries and museums. It is recommended that you check individual venues to confirm before travel to make sure that they have been able to reopen safely given current social distancing rules. Swimming pools (18 May) and gyms (13 May) will be opened.


From 11 May, the public transport system will be operational, including inter-county lines. Moreover, domestic flights return from 11 May. International flights have not yet resumed. It is expected that tourist flights from EU countries will resume first.

Sailing holidays are the best answer to safe post COVID travel ideas

Sailing holidays are a perfect way to enjoy traveling after COVID. In our opinion, they are also the very best way to see Croatia. Let’s think about why:

The best holiday in a post COVID world

So, if you are looking for a post COVID travel destination that is as safe as possible, but maximizes your sense of freedom and control, then look no further than a sailing holiday in Croatia. There has never been a better time to take the plunge. While many potential tourists are unable or reluctant to travel, those that do venture out will be able to enjoy the sites without the crowds! Travel and tourism is unlikely to return to pre-Coronavirus levels for many years based on previous pandemics. This means that season 2021 provides a great opportunity for more confident travelers.

Find out more about what the charter industry is doing during these exceptional times and how travel regulations have been modified in our FAQ.

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