Preliminary provisioning

Croatian food

A provisioning list for your sailing trip is fundamental. Unless you have booked a hostess, you will need a mission to the supermarket at the base marina before you sail to stock up for your trip. It is worth having an idea about what to get before you go or you will end up panic buying in a rush to get back and set off. Take some time to sketch out rough menu ideas for the week and get some basics, but don’t go overboard – there is a wealth of local markets, butchers, fishmongers and bakers in Croatia offering a bounty of fresh goods which will be a joy to visit along your chosen route (don’t forget your reusable bags!). This guide will help you make a checklist to use when provisioning for your sailing trip.

If this all sounds like too much hard work, and you would prefer to put your feet up, you always have the option of bringing a hostess on board to do it for you!

Provisioning sample shopping list:

  • Olive oil

  • Balsamic vinegar

  • Black pepper & salt

  • Herbs & spices

  • Butter, milk, yogurt & cream

  • Eggs

  • Fresh fish/meat

  • Cured meats & cheese

  • Onions & garlic, and other vegs

  • Salad, tomatoes, avocado, & cucumber (plus extra for the gin!)

  • Lemons & limes, & other fruit

  • Cereals & croissants

  • Pesto

  • Bread, pasta & rice

  • Snacks

  • Water

  • Coffee (plus filters) & Tea

  • Beer, wine, spirits

  • Mixers & Fruit juice

  • Toilet roll & Kitchen roll

  • Disposal bags & Bin bags

  • Washing up liquid

  • Dish cloth & Tea towel

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