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Sailing Route From Split – Tour the Central Dalmatian Islands

Starting in Split, visit some of the Dalmatian coast’s most iconic attractions on the way to Hvar and Vis

One week sailing itinerary to Hvar & Vis

This week-long circular Croatian sailing route from Split around the central Dalmatian islands will even convince landlubbers to take the leap. There are plenty of opportunities to stop and plunge into the warm, crystalline waters of the Adriatic sea so this sailing adventure stays fresh and exciting. Soak up the sunshine, colorful coastlines, secluded coves and buzzing Mediterranean flair.

The 7 day sailing route starts from one of the marinas near Split. You will visit some of the Dalmatian coast’s major tourist attractions, like Zlati Rat and the Blue Lagoon, while taking along your own personal beach to escape the crowds. Immerse yourself in both sides of the islands of Hvar and Vis to see different ways of life. Furthermore, with several off-grid nights you can really make the most of the turquoise waters of the Adriatic. At either end of the trip, take some time to explore the mainland; lose yourself in the narrow winding streets of Split or Trogir.

Suggested itinerary:

  • Saturday: Šolta (secluded bay)

  • Swim stop – Zlatni Rat (Brač)

  • Sunday: Jelsa (Hvar island)

  • Swim stop – Hvar island (secluded bay)

  • Monday: Hvar town (Hvar island)

  • Swim stop – Pakleni islands

  • Tuesday: Vis town (Vis island)

  • Swim stop – Green cave

  • Wednesday: Komiža town (Vis island)

  • Swim stop – Blue cave

  • Thursday: Pakleni Islands (natural bay)

  • Swim stop – Blue lagoon

  • Friday: Moor in base marina

Base marina:

Activities on route:

  • Sky Diving – €250

  • Wine tasting – €25

  • Jet Ski – €425

  • Parasailing – €25

  • SCUBA diving – €55

  • Blue/Green Cave – €10

  • Vis Island military tour – €40

  • Scooter – €20

DAY 1:

Split to Šolta

Approx 2hrs sailing*

Meet your skipper at your chosen base marina after 2pm to check-in and drop your bags at the yacht. Sail to a secluded bay on Šolta island for the night, enjoying a delicious dinner at one of the restaurants!

DAY 2:

Šolta to Jelsa

Approx 4hrs sailing*

On the way to Jelsa, pause at the beautiful bay of Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape) on Brač. Relax on a beach chair or stay on the boat and jump into the turquoise waters. This is one of the iconic beaches in Croatia, and therefore is a very popular spot. Perhaps one of the best ways to see it is from the back of your private yacht where you do not have to fight for some elbow room!

After an afternoon of swimming and relaxing, we head to the port of Jelsa, taking dinner in town.

DAY 3:

Jelsa to Hvar

Approx 3hrs sailing*

Sail to Hvar, the capital of Hvar island. You can either moor up in Hvar harbour, or head to the nearby Marina Palmižana which is just a short water taxi ride from the main town.

Explore the beauty of the old town, climb up to the fortress for a stunning sunset view of the city and the surrounding islands. Finish the day in one of the restaurants or join the night-life in one of the infamous party spots.

DAY 4:

Hvar to Vis

Approx 1hr sailing*

The first stop in the morning after a night out in Hvar is for a swim and unwind in the nearby Pakleni Islands. Once you have regained your balance, the destination on day 5 is Vis, the emerald isle that is furthest from the mainland. There is a choice between mooring in Vis Town, in front of the old town hall, or a little further round the bay in Kut which is quieter. The walk round from Kut to the main town is a lovely meander through delightful streets. Make sure you stop for a drink at Bistro Frutarija, midway between the two, the Hendricks Spritz definitely hits the spot as you laze on the terrace overlooking the bay!

You could rent a VW beetle, scooter or bike and explore the beauty of Vis island. Alternatively, take a guided military tour to investigate the tunnels and military outposts left over from WWII and Tito’s reign. In the evening, take your pick from a handful of excellent restaurants, PojodaLola and Rokis are all fantastic.

DAY 5:

Vis to Komiža

Approx 1hr sailing*

Sail around the island towards Komiža and stop at the Green Cave. Jump off the cliffs and swim into the cave, or drop the anchor and plunge into the crystal clear water.

When you get to Komiža, explore a different side to Croatia; visit the untouched village and enjoy the unique local food, where lobster is the specialty. This wonderful little town that is nestled in the middle of the Adriatic sea is situated at the base of Mount Hum (587m). It is a great view from the top, where you can find a small church and watch the sun go down. Take a taxi up if you don’t fancy the walk, there is a short path leading from the nearby road to the top (a stop here is also part of the military tour if you choose to do that).

DAY 6:

Komiža to Pakleni Islands

Approx 2hrs sailing*

Visit the famous Blue cave to get some memorable photos. Then sail to the Pakleni Islands and drop anchor in a beautiful cove near Marina Palmižana, relax on the boat or at one of the bars and enjoy the beautiful sunset. Rent a water taxi to revisit Hvar or dine in a restaurant where carpaccio is the specialty.

DAY 7:

Pakleni Islands to Split

Approx 3hrs sailing*

On the way back to the marina, stop at a breathtaking clear water lagoon. Take a swim, finish your lunch and make the most of your last sailing day. Depending on your starting point, finish off your week with a night in the beautiful old town of Split or Trogir. Have an unforgettable evening in the Diocletian’s Palace or lose yourself on the tiny island of Trogir!

*  sailing times are approximate to the nearest hour and are just to give you a guide to the total amount of sailing each day during this sailing route from Split. Obviously there will also be opportunities for swim stops along the way. Each vessel is capable of traveling at different speeds depending on factors such as the wind and how fully loaded they are. Therefore we have estimated timings assuming a yacht traveling at around 5 knots.

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