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Sail from Split to Dubrovnik

Split – Hvar – Korčula – Mljet – Dubrovnik

Chartering a yacht in Split, or one of the nearby marinas, and sailing a one-way voyage down to Dubrovnik is a great way to see more of the islands along the Dalmatian coast. There is a wonderful balance of culture and environment on this journey, with picturesque towns and nature parks along the route. The course can be easily tailored to your particular desires as there is more freedom when you do not have to return to base.

This route can be achieved by booking flights into Split- and out of Dubrovnik-airport. Alternatively, you can travel back up the coast via private transfer or on the regular ferry service (journey time around 5hrs). It is not recommended to take the bus service during the high season. Of course, you can always sail the route the opposite way round, starting in Dubrovnik and heading up towards Split!

Sailing this route is possible with certain yachts. Get in touch to find out which ones are suitable. It is dependent on you reaching Dubrovnik by noon on the Friday of your sailing week so that there is enough time to return the boat. There is a surcharge to cover the cost of fuel, labor and administration. For more information read this FAQ.


Base marina:

Activities on route:

  • Sky Diving – €250

  • Wine tasting – €25

  • Jet Ski – €425

  • Parasailing – €25

  • SCUBA diving – €55

  • Scooter – €20

DAY 1:

Split to Šolta

Approx 2hrs sailing*

Meet your skipper at your chosen base marina after 2pm to check-in and drop your bags at the yacht. Sail to a secluded bay on Šolta island for the night, enjoying a delicious dinner at one of the restaurants!

DAY 2:

Šolta to Hvar

Approx 2hrs sailing*

Sail to Hvar, the capital of Hvar island. You can either moor up in Hvar harbour, or head to the nearby Marina Palmižana which is just a short water taxi ride from the main town.

Explore the beauty of the old town, climb up to the fortress for a stunning sunset view of the city and the surrounding islands. Finish the day in one of the restaurants or join the night-life in one of the infamous party spots.

DAY 3:

Hvar to Ščedro

Approx 1hr sailing*

After breakfast, sail to Šćedro island where you can explore idyllic peaceful coves. This isle is a protected nature reserve and has footpaths that cross the 8km long island if you wish to stretch your legs. There is an old abandoned village of Nastane and ruins of a monastery to discover. The bay is home to a colony of the rare and protected Pinna Noblis (giant mussel). These are easy to see on the seabed from the back of your yacht as the water is so clear.

Dine at a local family restaurant and appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the pure night sky away from the lights of civilization.

DAY 4:

Šćedro to Korčula

Approx 3hrs sailing*

Set sail for Korčula and explore one of the most architecturally interesting towns in Croatia, the home of Marco Polo. Walk through the fortress enclosed in stone walls with romantic cobbled streets and other hidden treasures.

In the evening go out to dinner at one of the restaurants and finish up with cocktails at a rooftop bar while you watch the sun go down.

DAY 5:

Korčula to Mljet

Approx 1hr sailing*

Experience the natural beauty of Mljet National Park where you can cycle, walk and kayak around the two famous saltwater lakes. Check out the tiny island of Sveta Marija located on Veliko Jezero and it’s 12th-century monastery. Then visit the Adriatic’s largest coral reef to enjoy some of the best snorkeling on the Dalmatian coast. In the evening dine on fresh local fish at the restaurant in front of your yacht.

DAY 6:

Mljet to Elaphite Islands

Approx 3hrs sailing*

Sail to one of the Elaphite Islands and make the most of your last night away from civilization, anchored in a secluded bay. Don’t forget to stop at Lopud island and take a swim to the unique sandy beach of Šunj.

DAY 7:

Elaphite Islands to Dubrovnik

Approx 2hrs sailing*

Finish your one-way voyage at one of the cities that should be on everyone’s bucket list, Dubrovnik. After docking in the marina, catch a cab or bus to the old town and stroll through Dubrovnik. Maybe you will recognize landmarks from HBO’s Game of Thrones! Make your last night unforgettable and experience the beauty of the night in Dubrovnik. There is plenty to see and do in this fabulous city, why not book yourself into a hotel and tag on a few extra days to your holiday?

*  sailing times are approximate to the nearest hour and are just to give you a guide to the total amount of sailing each day during this sail from Split to Dubrovnik. Obviously there will also be opportunities for swim stops along the way. Each vessel is capable of traveling at different speeds depending on factors such as the wind and how fully loaded they are. Therefore we have estimated timings assuming a yacht traveling at around 5 knots.

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