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Split – Hvar – Korčula – Mljet – Dubrovnik

Plunge into the warm, crystalline Adriatic sea from mid-May to the end of September. Soak up the sunshine, colorful coastlines, secluded coves and buzzing Mediterranean flair. This part of Croatia will even convince the landlubbers to take the leap.


  • Marina Seget Donji

  • Hvar town (Island of Hvar)

  • Natural Bay (Island of Ščedro)

  • Korčula town (Island of Korčula)

  • Polače bay (Island of Mljet)

  • Elaphite Islands

  • Dubrovnik

Activities on route:

  • Sky Diving – €250

  • Wine tasting – €25

  • Jet Ski – €425

  • Parasailing – €25

  • SCUBA diving – €55

  • Scooter – €20

DAY 1:

Meet your skipper at Marina ACI Split or Marina Kaštela after 12:00 pm to check-in and drop off your bags at your yacht! Sail to a secluded bay on the isle of Šolta where we will stay through the night, followed by a delicious dinner at one of the restaurants!

DAY 2:

Sail to Hvar, the capital of Hvar island. Explore the beauty of the old town, climb up to the fortress for a stunning sunset view of Hvar and the surrounding islands. Finish the day in one of the restaurants or famous party spots and meet the night life of Hvar.

DAY 3:

After breakfast sail to Ščedro island where you can explore its peaceful coves. Dine at local family restaurants and experience the breathtaking night sky with your company.

DAY 4:

Explore one of the most architecturally interesting towns in Croatia also hometown to Marco Polo. Walk through the fortress enclosed in stone walls with romantic cobbled streets and other hidden treasures. In the evening go out to dinner at one of the restaurants and finish up with cocktails at a rooftop bar.

DAY 5:

Experience the natural beauty of Mljet National Park where you can cycle, walk or kayak around the two saltwater lakes. Then see Croatia’s largest coral reef and visit the internal island of Sveta Marija which has a 12th-century monastery converted into a café/restaurant. In the evening dine on fresh local fish at the restaurant in front of your yacht.

DAY 6:

Sail to one of the Elaphite Islands and stay your last night out anchored in a secluded bay. Don’t forget to stop at Lopud island and take a swim to the unique sandy beach called Šunj.

DAY 7:

After docking in the marina, catch a cab or bus to the old town and walk through Dubrovnik. Maybe you will recognize landmarks from HBO’s Game of Thrones! Make your last night unforgettable and experience the beauty of the night in Dubrovnik.