Sailing Holiday in Croatia – Summer 2020

Summer holiday 2020

Sailing holiday in Croatia

It’s that time again when thoughts turn to the coming year and we all need something to look forward to. Time to start booking up that 2020 summer sailing holiday in Croatia!

Croatia has everything

Croatia is both chic and cultural, boasting everything you could want for a dream vacation. In fact it has become one of the coolest destinations in Europe.

It is a truly beautiful country, steeped in history. The scenery will take your breath away and the Adriatic sea is crystal clear and inviting. It is nature’s playground and the adventurous traveler will be dazzled by an array of activities! If you love the coast, you will not be disappointed. There is almost 6,000 km of coastline; 1,777 km on the mainland and 4,058 km from the 1246 islands and islets. To really make the most of this country we think it begs to be explored with a sailing holiday in Croatia.

For those looking to relax, there are picturesque towns at every turn, full of culture and amazing architecture. The weather is reliably wonderful, especially over the Dalmatian coast and islands. The food is a fantastic fusion of Mediterranean flavors, with influences from Italy and Greece. The Lonely Planet ranks Dubrovnik as the top place to visit for foodies. They produce some of the most wonderful wines in the world. In fact many Croatians have left a mark on the global wine scene with emigrants establishing vines within ‘new world’ regions such as New Zealand.

Easy access – traveling to Dalmatia has never been easier!

Croatia is a tourism hub and approximately half of the population speak English as a second language. Getting there is easy, with international flights into three major airports in Dalmatia (Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar). All of these airports also have good connections to the capital, Zagreb.

Sail away on a private yacht charter

Exploring Croatia on a private yacht or catamaran is by far the best way to enjoy the coast. With booking for 2020 well under way, now is the time to secure your boat for a vacation of a lifetime. Sailing holidays during the shoulder season in Croatia are ideal, if you are not restricted to the ‘traditional’ summer holiday dates (July/August). Trips in late May or September offer an excellent balance between value for money, good sailing weather and crowd control.

Booking a private yacht with a skipper to guide you (and take all the responsibility) is the best option for you to make the most of a carefree holiday. There are strict licencing controls and a zero-tolerance policy on alcohol consumption. The Yacht Break exclusively focuses on sailing holidays along the Croatian coast and is ready to make your dreams a reality.

Is a sailing holiday in Croatia right for us?

If you are unsure whether a sailing holiday in Croatia is really suitable for you, why not read up a bit more about who should try a sailing holiday. They are so flexible and customizable that they are great for so many types of holidayers.

Whether you sail with family or friends, as a group or a romantic trip for two, once you have tasted Croatia, you will be hooked!

Download a copy of our latest brochure on sailing holidays in Croatia and feed your Croatia craving now!

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