Small but perfectly formed – independent travel agent

Independent travel agent

Why should you book with a smaller firm like The Yacht Break rather than one of the major multinational yacht charter companies such as Sunsail or Moorings? There are many advantages to booking your sailing holiday with a small specialist independent travel agent:

The Yacht Break is a small independent travel agent

Personalized service from your yacht charter broker

Small, family-run businesses are largely spread by word of mouth and recommendation, rather than spending millions on branding in glossy magazines, tv and across the internet. There is no way that these independent travel agents can compete with the advertising budgets of the major players.

This means that making sure you have the best possible holiday experience is critical to our reputation as a yacht charter broker. Each booking we get is vital and we put 100% into making your dreams a reality. If you choose the right independent travel agent you know that you will receive levels of service way beyond anything a global behmoth could provide.

Sail with people who really care

With a small dedicated team working tirelessly for you, you can be sure that you are not just another booking reference. We will be with you every step of the way, helping you sail through the booking process. Our skippers are an integral part of the business and love to sail, often becoming firm friends with the clients. The Yacht Break team will stay in touch during the holiday to make sure that everything is going to plan. This personalized service ensures that any issues are addressed on the spot before they become problems, so you can focus on enjoying your holiday.

We are happy to help organize all the activities during your sailing week. Furthermore, we can assist with any transfers to/from the airport and recommend accommodation either side of your sailing week. This is not just a yacht charter business, we are an independent travel agent that provides sailing holidays. With us, you will not be dropped once the money has transferred… we are here for the long haul. No details are too small.

Special occasions are organized with ease for you. Whether it be a luxury honeymoon, a hen/stag do, a special birthday or milestone such as retirement, we can arrange the little extras to make it perfect.

Be reassured that we have you covered

Should the worst happen, we have insurance just like the major players and your money is safe. Your refundable deposit held by the charter company will be returned just as it would with the global companies. That is, of course, as long as you do not purposefully damage the boat! When you take one of our highly trained and fully insured skippers, the only thing you could be culpable for is blocking the head! Make sure to flush only stuff you produce yourself (no loo roll) and you will be fine.

Should your chosen boat be unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances (for example if it needs repairing following damage) a suitable alternative will be sourced from the charter company. On the very rare occasion that no suitable vessel is available, your money would be returned in full.

For more information about liability and insurance see the terms and conditions

Special independent travel agent

The Yacht Break is a charter broker who works entirely for you. We have pre-selected the best boats on offer so you can relax, knowing that your chosen boat will be excellent quality.

A great agent vets the boats from many charter companies, only adding yachts and catamarans into their portfolio that they are 100% happy with. This, in turn, leads to happy sailors and returning customers. We offer boats that we know you will be delighted with, and that we are content to sail; our experts have filtered the fleet on your behalf.

Agents should also choose charter companies that they know work well for the customer. At The Yacht Break, we have plenty of experience with the companies operating in Croatia and know which to expect a great working relationship with.

You can’t beat a bit of expertise, especially if you are new to sailing or going to a new area.

If you are concerned that adding a ‘middle-man’ may raise the cost, don’t be. Charter companies do not undercut agents, so you get the same price, with or without the added expertise that the agent brings.

Support small businesses

The sailing holiday sector is dominated by the likes of The Moorings and Sunsail. However, demand for more niche operators is growing. Focus group research on social media suggests that holidaymakers ‘would definitely prefer to charter from a smaller company’ but that ‘sometimes it is very difficult to find these small companies when searching for sailing charters’. The shift in consumer preference towards more nuanced labels is building. The user experience is much more personal and there is a great satisfaction for the customer that discovers these hidden gems. Read more on this in this article: Baulking at the big brands.

Congratulations – you have uncovered one of these gems in The Yacht Break. The small independent travel agent that specialises in yacht charter holidays in Croatia. We are here for you, so put us to work. Get in touch and let us craft the perfect sailing holiday for you today!

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