Stag or Hen Do Sailing Holiday in Croatia

Stag Party and Hen Do Sailing Holidays

Hen do Sailing Holiday

Are you looking for the dream location for a bachelor or bachelorette party? Have you thought about hosting a hen do sailing holiday on a luxury catamaran? Sailing off on a stag do to top them all? In this article, we will give you an idea of what it could be like to have a hen do sailing holiday and how we can help to coordinate the ultimate send-off!

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Sail around Croatia for your hen-do or stag-do!

A sailing holiday in Croatia is the perfect option for either a hen do or a stag do. Plenty of sun, sea, and fun activities. Brilliant bars, cool konobas and no end of nightlife. We have a host of different catamarans and yachts that can be combined to meet all possibilities, whether you want an exclusive event on a single catamaran or are rent-a-crowd and need a full-on flotilla! A hen do sailing holiday is the ultimate bachelorette holiday destination. It will be amazing!

A hen-do, a stag-do, or both!

Are you worried there will be an argument between the hens and stags about who gets first dibbs on this idea? Will it be a hen do sailing holiday or the best stag do destination?

Don’t fight over who is going to bagsie it, honestly…. you are all grown-ups right?… after all, two of you are getting married! The beauty of a sailing holiday is that you can have a catamaran each* and happily sail off (in separate directions) to enjoy your last nights of freedom before the Big Day! Genius, we know! At the end of the week, you can hook up if you so wish (and try not to spill the beans….. what happens on board stays on board).

* if you have lots of hens/stags that want to come along then why not amass a flotilla for even more fun!

What is the best charter to choose for a hen do sailing holiday?

The ideal vessel has to be a catamaran

We recommend that you take a catamaran when you host a hen do sailing holiday for the extra space, luxury, and stability it provides. There is enough room on deck for everyone to soak up the rays and relax with drink-in-hand while you cruise from one island to the next. Furthermore, there is plenty of fridge space to keep your favorite tipple chilled to perfection and there also tends to be more heads (toilets) so no one will be caught short! Also, those friends with wobbly sea legs will find the stability of a catamaran much more manageable so there are no excuses not to join the fun.

It is a good idea to have a lifesaving hostess on hand!

Here are four undeniably good reasons to opt for a hostess to join your crew for your hen do sailing holiday:

  • Save yourself a shopping trip…

    To make sure that you can dedicate all your attention to the important task of having fun, we recommend that you take a hostess along on your bachelor/bachelorette party. They will make sure that the boat is loaded up with all your favorite drinks and food before you sail. Otherwise, you will have to organize a supermarket trip just at the point that you want the party to get started!

  • Keep the drinks flowing

    The hostess will keep everyone’s glass filled as you sail around between locations. Making sure that not only your favorite drink is served at the perfect temperature, but also to keep you hydrated so you have staying power and stave off sunstroke hangovers.

  • Food without the fuss

    The hostess will rustle up stamina boosting breakfasts and lunches to keep you going through the week-long party. Providing a feast for all your friends and clearing up so you don’t have to!

  • Cleaning fairy

    Hen and stag-dos are a lot of fun, but can also be pretty messy. The hostess will keep all of the communal areas clean and tidy so you don’t have to worry over whose turn it is to do the washing up or clear the glasses. Now that IS priceless, huh?

Where should we sail to on our bachelor party boat?

For a hen-do or stag-do, you can’t get much better than sailing around Central Dalmatia. Starting off in Split and sailing south to Hvar and Vis on a circular route. The daily hops between the islands are easily achievable, even for the most reluctant of sailors (or those who may have pushed the boat out a little too far the night before!).

If you fancy incorporating a party trip to one of Croatia’s famous annual music festivals check out this list of events. We can help to plan your hen do sailing holiday around wherever it is you need to be.

What sort of thing can we get up to?

Booking a bachelor(ette) sailing holiday with The Yacht Break means that we can help to plan your trip. If you want to do any special activities during the day or make sure you have a reservation at the best nightspots, we will organize it and advise you on where to go. We know all the best restaurants, bars, clubs, casinos, and party spots! Use us for your hen do sailing holiday to make sure that you don’t miss a thing.

Maybe the Bride or Groom could be treated to an adrenaline rush… flyboarding, skydiving, parasailing… Croatia is nature’s playground after all!

Relax by day

By day you will sail between the islands of the Dalmatian coast on your own private catamaran. In the mornings, wake up to amazing breakfasts care of your hostess. Soak up the sun on the deck and recharge your batteries while your personal skipper guides you around. Take time out for a swim in the beautifully clear waters of the Adriatic. We will seek out idyllic bays and turquoise waters where you can appreciate the beauty of your surroundings and ready yourselves for the coming session. Have lunch on board en route to your next party stop.

Party by night

In the afternoon, when you reach the next island stop, you will have time to explore the local town. Enjoy a delicious dinner at one of the local restaurants and then party the night away at all the best bars, clubs and casinos.

Let us help to make your hen/stag party outstanding!

We sail in Croatia all season, in fact, we only sail in Croatia so we really know the place well… and we absolutely love it. And we know that you will too! It can be hard work organizing a bachelor party so let us help. Our job does not stop when you book, we will help to arrange and coordinate your trip so everyone has the best time possible. Get in touch today and let’s get the ball rolling…

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