Worried about Sailing with Strangers?


Will it be weird, sailing with strangers?

The prospect of living 24/7 with someone you have not met can be daunting. If you take a skipper on board you may be worried about sailing with strangers.

In this article, we help to allay those fears. We will explain what you can expect from The Yacht Break crew and how having our skipper on board will help you to relax and enjoy a wonderful holiday. When you book a sailing holiday with us we make sure that you know your crew in advance so you will not be sailing with strangers!

Happy sailors

The skippers and crew that we use at The Yacht Break are fully invested in the company ethos. By employing a happy, engaged workforce we ensure our crews put 100% into making your holiday their best ever sail. If you are to live with someone at close quarters, they must be content and pleasant to be around. That is why we like you to get to know your crew before you go, so you are not worried about sailing with strangers.

Before you sail, we will send you a personalized travel guide. Inside you will get the bio and contact details of any crew that is coming along so you can learn about them. They will be happy to get in contact before you go so that you will not feel like you are sailing with strangers.

Masters of social situations

Whether you are looking for privacy or would like a bit of interaction, our skippers have great intuition. Do not fear that it could be awkward, part of their skill set is being able to read social situations and put you at ease.

Once the yacht is safely moored, they are happy to give you space or show you around, it is up to you! If you would rather spend the evening alone, simply provide them with a small allowance and they will fend for themselves, returning with receipts and change.

But what if they are fussy eaters? You don’t have to worry about that. Life on the sea leads to a healthy appetite, they are not fussy about what they eat. If you are not taking a hostess on board, they will be fine to eat whatever you are having. And after the ship is secured for the night, a gin and tonic will create a friend for life!

Local knowledge

Our skippers sail in Croatia all season and so they have all the local knowledge you will need. You will find yourselves in the right place at the best time to make the most of each location. They will help you avoid the worst of the crowds and get the pick of the moorings.

Professionals at work

Skippers at The Yacht Break are highly skilled, enabling you to relax and enjoy your holiday carefree. Sailing the Dalmatian coast all season, they have a deep understanding of the local winds and currents. This allows you to get the most of every day, maximizing your exploring time by getting you from A to B quickly and efficiently.

If you want to get involved in some hands-on sailing, they will find a job for you to do. Equally, you can just lie back and enjoy watching a master at work (while you put in some serious effort into your tan!).

100% trustworthy

You can be assured that our skippers and crew are completely honest and trustworthy. If you wish to leave the APA with them, so you do not need to deal with money during your holiday, it is perfectly safe to do so. They will be able to provide you with receipts for all expenditure. By entrusting the APA to your skipper, they can liaise with staff at each harbor on your behalf, leaving you free to head off and explore sooner rather than later.

Firm friends – you won’t be sailing with strangers anymore!

By the end of the week, our customers have made great friends with their skipper and crew. They feel at ease, safe and comfortable in their presence. So much so that they request them by name on future excursions! So you can see, there is nothing to worry about…. Why wait? Book your boat and start making friends with your crew today!

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