Yacht Charter Broker

A yacht charter broker helps you build the perfect vacation

How yacht charter brokers help to plan your perfect holiday

There is little doubt that chartering a yacht in Croatia is the perfect luxury holiday. But if you have never chartered a yacht before the whole process can frankly be a little daunting to say the least! That is where the yacht charter broker comes in.

In this article we will explain what a yacht charter broker actually is. How a good charter broker can help you to create your ultimate vacation, providing indepth knowledge about the yachts, the sailing grounds, routes, booking and the whole process. Not only will they plan the holiday of your dreams but they will also be there for you throughout to ensure a smooth and carefree sailing experience.

Sailing holidays are all about flexibility and choices. As such you can enjoy them on many levels, from chartering a luxury yacht with all the trimmings, to options that are affordable for a wider audience. Either way, a yacht charter broker is there to help you manage the whole process, giving you impartial advice and recommendations based on the information that you supply. They are experts in their field, so can help you find the right yacht, suggest suitable routes and itineraries and help you to understand what to expect day to day.

Aren’t they just an unneccessary middleman?

There are many ways to rent a yacht, you can even go direct to the charter office. So you may ask why add in a middleman? Surely that will add to the cost of the holiday? Does it cost more to charter through a broker? If not, what is in it for them? What does a yacht charter broker actually do? How can a charter broker help with my travel arrangements and is it a good idea to use one? So many valid questions. Let us take them one at a time:

What is a yacht charter broker?

A yacht charter broker helps you to plan and organize your sailing holiday from the very beginnings until you disembark at the end of a fabulous vacation. Having looked at your requirements, they will advise on the best yacht for your sailing holiday. They will hold your hand through the booking and planning process. They are there to answer to all your questions about what to expect, itineraries, destinations and much more besides. Basically they are there to do all the hard work and give you guidance so you can enjoy a carefree holiday of a lifetime!

Yacht charter brokers are specialists in their field, ie luxury sailing holidays. This focus on a niche market sets them apart from other travel agents who have a broader remit but do not have the expert knowledge required to assist you.

A good yacht charter broker will help:

  • Select a yacht that suits your requirements
  • Advise on sailing routes and itineraries based on your interests
  • Organize the paperwork
  • Help you to create the holiday of a lifetime

Remember – the broker works for you, not the charter company. They are independent and therefore are able to cherry pick the best yachts from reputable charter companies. What is more, they do not cost you any money! In order for charter companies to gain maximum market exposure, they facilitate the existance of charter brokers. Going direct to the charter company will not save you money, instead it will lose you a mass of expertise and make the whole process a lot more stressful!

Why use a yacht charter broker?

What about a booking through a general travel agent?

Of course, you could go to a travel agent to buy your sailing holiday. They will undoubtedly know about the country, and even the locality but it is unlikely that they know the sailing grounds. Nor will they have first hand experience to be able to help you work out which yacht is best for you. Your questions on the onboard experience or potential itinerary modifications are likely to draw a blank. Furthermore, to earn any money, the travel agent typically adds a fee on top of the charter package.

Perhaps book direct with the charter operator?

So, maybe you think you will get better value to go direct to the charter operator? If you go direct you are then restricted to the selection of yachts offered by that particular operator. And you need to trust that the operator is actually a good one. Some operators are better than others, charter brokers have had years of experience building relationships with the best ones. Not only this, you will have to do all the paperwork and shoulder the burden of responsibility, filling in contracts, crew sheets, preferences and booking details. All for the same price that you can get someone else to do it for you? Hmm…

Because you can get the charter broker to do it for you!

Why go with a travel agent that lacks the special knowledge or the charter operator that makes you shoulder all the responsibility when you don’t have to? You can have your very own team of experts looking after your interests. It is like playing your trump card, it doesn’t cost you a penny and you get to use it as much as you like!

  • It is free… so it doesn’t cost you anything. Honestly, there is no catch. Free means free. No hidden costs!
  • No matter how much you need them, they are happy to help put your mind at ease.
  • They do the hard work so you don’t have to. From planning, to advice and organization, that is their job; which means you can relax and be carefree.
  • They are on hand to help from the first germination of the dream all the way through the process until the bags are packed to go back home with a head full of precious memories. They hold your hand every step of the way.
  • Charter brokers really know their stuff. The best places to go, what there is to do, things not to miss. How to avoid the crowds, seek out the hidden gems, where to moor.
  • Sailing is all about choices and flexibility, charter brokers will let you know what the options are so you can enjoy the selection. From what is on board, to things to do. They can tailor the itinerary to your specific interests and tastes.
  • It is good to have one point of call to keep things simple. Your charter broker is your go to contact for everything. Nearer to your holiday they will introduce you to the crew you will have on board so you can feel comfortable from the off.

So now you see how useful a charter broker is, it really is a no-brainer to use one. Get in touch with The Yacht Break today and let us help you build a dream luxury vacation! Want to check out our credentials? Feel free!

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